Badaun People Happy With Police Action

Badaun People Happy With Swift Police Action In Double Murder Case

Anshul Jain, a native of Badaun and a socio-political expert, says the timely action in the recent double murder case has strengthened the trust of electorate in UP Police and Yogi Govt. His views:

The entire Badaun district was in shock when two local barbers, Sajid and Javed, in the Baba colony area killed their neighbour’s two minor sons Ayush, and Ahaan on March 19. Though the police failed to give any concrete reason behind the heinous crime, all it has to say is that the accused Sajid, who was killed in an encounter, was mentally unstable.

Though the police nabbed Sajid and killed him in an encounter while he was trying to escape from police custody, his partner in crime, Javed was later arrested from Bareilly. The entire episode is shrouded in mystery as the assailant Javed has not been revealed much about the motive of the crime. A frustrated Vinod also tried to immolate himself in front of the SSP office on March 24 but the police had nothing much to add to its investigation.

Nevertheless, the issue has not acquired any political colours and by and large, Badaun voters feel that the action of police personnel was swift and the crime situation in the district as well in the state has been satisfactory. Meanwhile, higher officials of Uttar Pradesh police have denied a communal angle to the crime.

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Talking about the effect of the incident on the elections, it is hardly going to hamper the prospects of BJP that has its MP (Sanghmitra Maurya) representing the Lok Sabha seat. In 2019, Maurya secured nearly 47 per cent votes and won by a margin of about 20,000 votes defeating his nearest rival Dharmendra Yadav of SP. This time, the BJP has declared Durvijay Singh Shakya as its candidate and his chances are even better this time thanks to the image of Adityanath Yogi.

Badaun has about 20 lakh voters with 3.5 lakh Muslim, 3.5 lakh Yadavs, 4 lakh general category voters and about 2.5 lakh Shakya (OBC) voters. The main fight is between the BJP and the SP and if BSP files a Muslim candidate from the seat, it is going to dent SP and benefit BJP.

The Samajwadi Party has used the Badaun incident to attack the Yogi government for the deteriorating law and order situation in the state. However, according to locals of Badaun, who are shocked after the incident and are standing with the family, the chief minister has got his 2nd historic term in the state over his brilliant performance on the law and order front. Even in the current horrific incident, the mood of electorate is one of laudatory for the role of state police and state administration.

As told to Rajat Rai

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‘Yogi Govt’s Real Test Lies in Not Allowing New Mafia Dons to Breed’

Madhup Kumar Pandey, a social worker in Prayagraj, says that though the end of Mafia duo Atiq and Ashraf was destined, the killing reflects the failure of city police. His views:

Organised criminals and gangs keep cropping up like water bubbles in Prayagraj; as also in various districts of Uttar Pradesh. However, after a certain period of lording over extortion rackets, such mafia dons meet a similar fate: either they get eliminated in police encounter or killed by their rivals. This is a cycle which I have witnessed throughout my life in this state.

But, the way Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf were killed, live on camera and in full presence of police and media channels, is unprecedented in the history of Uttar Pradesh. Clearly, the killings must have been planned well in advance and the perpetrators were used as pawns. Their profile shows that they were mere puppets; the mastermind of this brazen act is still at large. This apparently shows the city police in poor light and raises questions about the real motive.

The murder mystery has also led to many conspiracy theories in the district. Some call it state handiwork in collusion with the police while many others are describing it as targeting of Muslim leaders by Yogi Adityanath government. Both such claims are laughable and politically motivated. It is well known that ever since coming to power, the Yogi administration has been aggressively handling with the mafia elements in the state; caste or religion have never been its concern. Vikas Dube and Ani Dujana are two glaring examples.

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As a Prayagraj citizen, I can safely tell you that local people are not unhappy about the killing. Mafia dons rule by spreading an atmosphere of fear in people; hence their elimination always brings a sigh of relief. What the media should question is how such criminals are allowed to prosper and thrive. Obviously, they cannot survive if the government of the day deals with them firmly.

Yogi administration has created an image where they are dealing firmly with mafia in the state. However, the real test of the Government will be that organized crime is not allowed to breed in the first place. That will reaffirm peoples’ faith in law and order.

There have been talks that after confiscating ₹11,000 crore worth of properties and assets of these mafias, the government is planning to return them back to the victims and persons from whom these assets were forcefully taken away. Apparently, this will be a tall order to fulfil but even if in some cases, such an example is set, it will only boost the image of Yogi Adityanath as an able and just administrator.

Eliminating criminals is the easy part. Re-establishing the rule of law, not allowing petty criminals to become organised mafia and bringing justice to the victims of organised crime are the touchstones where Yogi regime will need to prove its mettle.

As told to Rajat Rai

Nab Atiq's Wife Shaista Parveen

Police Raids Underway To Nab Atiq’s Wife Shaista Parveen

Uttar Pradesh Police conducted raids in search of Shaista Parveen, wife of slain gangster-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed, in Kaushambi on Wednesday.

“Raids were conducted in search of Shaista Parveen, wife of gangster Atiq Ahmed. A search operation was conducted after receiving information about some criminals hiding. The operation lasted for about 2 hours. A drone camera was also used in the operation. However, the operation did not prove successful today,” Samar Bahadur, ASP, Kaushambi told ANI.

Days after Atiq Ahmed’s son Asad was killed in an encounter in Uttar Pradesh’s Jhansi, the mafia-turned-politician and his brother Ashraf Ahmed were killed on Saturday while being taken for a medical examination in Prayagraj.

Atiq Ahmed was accused in the murder of BSP MLA Raju Pal in 2005, as well as in the killing of Umesh Pal, a key witness in the BSP leader’s murder, in February this year.

As many as three people were arrested, informed the police at a hurried press briefing on Saturday night after ganglord-turned-politician and his brother was shot dead in the full media glare.

All three attackers were apprehended at the scene after they voluntarily turned themselves in. They have been kept in the custody of the police and questioned.

A CJM court in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj on Wednesday remanded gangster Atiq Ahmed’s killers to four-day police custody.

This comes after the Special Investigation Team filed an application in the court seeking remand for questioning for all three accused.

They were earlier sent to 14-day judicial custody by the district court on April 16.

During the police remand, the police will question the accused, who were identified as Arun Maurya, Sunny Singh and Lovelesh Tiwari, about the weapon they used to kill Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf on April 15 night, where did they get the weapon from and who gave it to them. (ANI)

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Owaisi on atiq killing

Not Scared To Visit UP: Owaisi On Atiq’s Killing

Coming down hard on the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh over the prevailing law and order situation in the wake of the killing of gangster-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Ahmed in Prayagraj, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Sunday said it was necessary to prevent radicalisation, adding that he was not afraid to visit Uttar Pradesh.

Addressing the mediapersons on Sunday morning, Owaisi said, “I have always been saying that BJP in Uttar Pradesh is not running the government by the rule of law but by the rule of gun. Uttar Pradesh’s BJP government has a role in this. Supreme Court-monitored investigation should be done and a committee should be formed. No officer from Uttar Pradesh should be included in the committee. This was a ‘cold-blooded’ murder.”
He further said, “I am ready to die… Radicalisation needs to be stopped. I will surely visit Uttar Pradesh, I am not scared.
Jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya
(why fear death when you are loved).”

Calling the incident a “cold-blooded murder”, Owaisi added that people who are celebrating this killing are “vultures”.

“How did they (killers) get those weapons?… Why were they raising religious slogans after killing them? What will you call them if not terrorists? Will you call them Patriots? People celebrating this incident are vultures…” he said.

Owaisi said the incident raises a big question about the law and order situation.

The AIMIM chief questioned whether the public will have any faith in the constitution and law and order of the country after this incident.

He said, “We would like to ask the Prime Minister of the country whether you will say anything or not? The Prime Minister says in his speech that ‘meri supari li gayi hai’. Now tell what is happening in the state from where you are the Member of Parliament. Every citizen of India is feeling unsafe and vulnerable after yesterday’s incident.”

Owaisi further demanded Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s resignation.

“I demand the resignation of UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and the Supreme Court to form a team and investigate this matter. We also demand all police officers present there should be removed from service,” he said.

“Atiq and his brother were in police custody. He was handcuffed. JSR (Jai Shri Ram) slogans were also raised. The killing of both is the failure of Yogi’s law and order system. Those celebrating encounter raj are also responsible for this murder,” Owaisi added.

Days after Atiq Ahmed’s son Asad was killed in an encounter in Uttar Pradesh’s Jhansi, the gangster-turned-politician and his brother, Ashraf Ahmed, were killed on Saturday while being taken for a medical examination in Prayagraj.

Atiq Ahmed was accused in the 2005 Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MLA Raju Pal murder case and also in the Umesh Pal murder case which happened in February this year. UP Police, has, so far, arrested a total of 3 shooters in this incident.

In the aftermath of the incident, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in a late-night meeting instructed the state police officers to be on high alert and ensure law and order are maintained across the state.

“UP CM Yogi Adityanath has instructed Police officers to be on alert, ensure peace, law and order are maintained in the state and the public doesn’t face any trouble,” according to the Chief Minister office’s statement.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ordered a high-level inquiry into the matter.

“CM Yogi immediately called a high-level meeting and ordered a high-level inquiry into the whole matter. Chief Minister also gave instructions for the formation of a three-member Judicial Commission (Judicial Inquiry Commission) in the matter,” officials said.

Uttar Pradesh government on Sunday imposed Section 144 of CrPC in all the districts, in the aftermath of Atiq Ahmed, Ashraf Ahmed was shot dead in Prayagraj, officials informed.

Shortly after mafia-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf were shot dead in Prayagraj, former Uttar Pradesh chief minister and Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav on Saturday said crime has reached its peak in the state and the morale of the “criminals” has grown by leaps and bounds.

“Crime has reached its peak in UP and the morale of the criminals is high. When someone can be killed openly despite being surrounded by a security cordon, one can imagine the state of the general public. Due to this (alleged encounter killings), an ambiance of fear is being created among the public. It seems that some people are deliberately creating such an ambiance,” Akhilesh Yadav tweeted. (ANI)

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Amit Shah Azamgarh

Azamgarh Used To Be Epicentre Of Terrorism Before 2017: Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who was in Uttar Pradesh’s Azamgarh on Friday, hit out at the previous governments, saying that the district was called the “epicentre” of terrorism before 2017.

Alleging that Azamgarh’s image was destroyed by the previous governments, Amit Shah said that the Bhartiya Janata Party government in the state led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has led it to a new era.
“I still remember, when I was Gujarat Home Minister and a blast happened in Ahmedabad and when Police were arresting culprits, the mastermind behind the blast was caught from Azamgarh. Azamgarh’s image was destroyed by previous governments,” Shah said while addressing a public rally in Azamgarh.

He further said that Azamgarh used to face the problem of law and order, but now it is the centre of development now.

He further said that electricity used to be made available for 24 hours only during the month of Ramzan.

“I have stayed here in Uttar Pradesh during elections and there was no electricity in villages. People used to get 24-hour electricity only during the month of Ramzan. Now, the BJP government in the state has led to a new era after ensuring electricity round the clock,” the Union Minister said.

Earlier in Kaushambi, Shah took a jibe at Congress and said that it is not the democracy that is in danger, but it is casteism and dynastic politics (‘parivarwad’).

Saying that the people would not forgive the opposition parties for disrupting Parliament proceedings over Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification from the Lok Sabha based on legislation brought by the Congress-led UPA government.

“The country will not forgive opposition parties for disrupting Parliament proceedings over Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification… Democracy is not in danger, it is casteism and dynastic politics (‘parivarwad’) which are in danger,” Amit Shah said addressing a public meeting after inaugurating the Kaushambi Mahotsav.

Union Minister Amit Shah inaugurated the Kaushambi Festival 2023 with CM Yogi Adityanath. On this occasion, both the Deputy Chief Ministers of the state, Keshav Prasad Maurya and Brajesh Pathak, were also present.

“Never in the history of independent India has the budget session ended without one proper discussion. The opposition members didn’t let Parliament function, the reason was Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification as a member. Rahul insulted India abroad. The people of the country see and understand this as well. Once again, the Modi government will cross 300,” he added. (ANI)

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UP Govt Schools Self Defence Training For girls

UP Govt Schools To Impart Self-Defence Training To Girls

To ensure the safety and well-being of girls and their physical and mental self-dependency, the Yogi Adityanath government will impart self-defence training to girl students under the ‘Rani Laxmibai Self-Defence Training Programme’.

The programme as a part of the Mission Shakti launched alongside the ‘School Chalo Abhiyan’ on Saturday.

Under the training program, about 2 lakh girl students studying in more than 45,000 state-run schools will be specially trained for self-defence. The complete schedule of this six-day program has been provided.

The girls will also be made aware of things like eve teasing, cyberbullying, and acid attacks through various group discussions. Apart from this, the girl students will also be made physically aware of their health through sports, said the official statement.

The state government will conduct the campaign in collaboration with the central government with the aim of making the girl students enrolled in Council and Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas run under the Basic Education Department mentally and physically strong. Under the scheme, girls of 11 to 14 years will be given self-defence training. Along with self-defence, girl students will be trained to be mentally balanced and empowered against any unexpected incident.

A session of one-hour duration will be conducted every working day by instructors posted in the schools. In the session, training related to self-defence along with exercise, yoga, and cleanliness has been included. Initially, a six-day training program will be organized at the district level for instructors/teachers.

Under this module, 1,200 physical teachers will be given special weekly training in a batch of 50-50. Its duration will be 6-8 hours daily (Monday-Saturday).

Under primary coverage, girl students of classes 6, 7 and 8 (11-14 years of age) will be trained in 45,000 government schools run in all 75 districts. After the training of the trainers, they will also be provided with an evaluation and certificate. Residential schools of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya for girls will be included in the training.

As per the training module, one instructor and one assistant will be appointed for 50 trainees. Women and Child Security Wing 1090 has been roped in as a consultant agency for the project.

The ‘Rani Laxmibai Self-Defence Training’ module has been prepared with the help of experts from various fields. It has been prepared with the advice of experts from Self Defence Instructors, Legal Counsel, the Women and Child Security Wing, UP Police, the Education Department, UPDesco, UNICEF.

In the module, a detailed action plan of six days has been given including necessary activities related to training of trainers, discussions, audio-video, sports, necessary laws and helpline numbers for women and girls, evaluation of participants and various case studies. After getting the training, teachers and instructors will go to the schools and train the girls through all these activities recorded in the module, added the statement. (ANI)

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Ram Mandir UP Yogi

Yogi Govt To Provide Uninterrupted Power Supply On Holi

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday instructed officials to ensure an uninterrupted power supply between March 7-9 in view of the festival of Holi.

Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd (UPPCL) Chairman M Devraj instructed all DISCOM (power distribution) officials in the state in this regard.

“As per the instructions of the Chief Minister, clear instructions have been given to the DISCOM officials to ensure that everyone gets uninterrupted electricity during this period. Action should be taken immediately on the toll-free number information,” Devraj said.

UPPCL Chairman stated that all the Managing Directors have been directed to take the necessary actions to ensure a cut-free uninterrupted power supply in their DISCOM.

The officials have also been directed to take immediate action on the supply-related information received on the 1912 toll-free number. They have been warned against any kind of negligence in this. The distribution officers have been directed to carry out their respective responsibilities.

The Managing Director should conduct effective monitoring at his level, and all officers engaged in distribution should constantly be on alert.

M Devraj said that if there is any problem in the power supply at the local level, it should be resolved as soon as possible. (ANI)

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Medical Colleges In Each District Of UP: Yogi

Medical Colleges In Each District Of UP This Year: Yogi

In order to strengthen the health infrastructure of the state, the Yogi Adityanath government will start 4,600 health ATMs in all wellness centers and medical colleges in every district, informed the government on Sunday.

According to an official release, the process of appointing expert personnel to assist the people at all health ATMs has also been expedited.
“With its launch, the patient will be able to get the facility of 60 tests. Teleconsultation facilities will also be available at health centers. Furthermore, all the PHCs and CHCs of the state will be connected with SGPGI and people will not have to run to the medical college for minor problems. At the same time, the facility of medical colleges will also start in almost all the districts of the state this year. Work is going on in this direction on a war footing,” it said.

The Yogi Government’s special focus, for this year, will be on the health sector, law and order, tourism, education, and infrastructure development.

The Government wants to ensure that the people of the state get better health facilities as well as technology-based education.

The government will give emphasis making the state’s education system smarter with the help of the latest technologies in the new year.

“Children will be given education through smart classes at basic, junior, and secondary levels whereas two tablets each will be given to each school. Besides, from the New Year attendance will be marked through the face reading of the children,” it further said adding that 77 textbooks will be available on QR code while pocket charts of the syllabus will be provided to the teachers.

Efficient assessment tests will be conducted for the children of the state’s primary and upper primary schools through the simple app. Along with this, Skilled India Monitoring Center will be established at the state level. On the other hand, to make the high school and intermediate board examinations more transparent, the vehicle carrying the question paper will be equipped with GPS and its route will also be decided.

Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Authority (UPSIDA) has prepared a landbank of more than 15,000 acres as part of the Yogi government’s goal to make the state a $ 1 trillion economy and to strengthen the infrastructure so that global companies coming to GIS-23 do not face any problem in setting up their plants and projects in the state.

Along with this, UPSIDA has started efforts to improve connectivity with the landbank. The authority has also started the process of taking over the land of closed units of spinning mills, 150 acres of Scooter India Lucknow, 500 acres of Ghaziabad, 250 acres of Hardoi, and other village societies. On the other hand, UPSIDA is constructing dormitories and community toilets on a war footing for the workers of industrial areas.

The Government also will plan to strengthen the infrastructure of the rural areas of the state.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed officials to organize Chaupals in rural areas to solve problems faced by villagers and give momentum to the development of villages from January.

“On the instructions of the Chief Minister, Gram Chaupal would be organized in three-gram panchayats of each development block every Friday from January. The District Development Officer, Project Director, District Rural Development Agency, and Deputy Commissioner will participate in the Choupal in 2500 villages of the state to discuss employment and self-employment opportunities. The officers will also listen to the problems of villagers and resolve them. Besides, a progress report of the ongoing development works will be prepared and submitted to the government along with the requirements of villages. It will accelerate developmental works in rural areas in 2023,” Rural Development Commissioner GS Priyadarshi said. (ANI)

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Unified Court Complex In UP Yogi

Unified Court Complex In UP, Soon: Yogi

To reduce the rush in courts and to facilitate the judicial process, the Yogi government is preparing to bring all the courts under one roof, as per an official statement.

On the instructions of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, 10 districts including Mahoba, Hathras, Chandauli, Shamli, Amethi, Hapur, Auraiya, Sonbhadra, Sambhal, and Chitrakoot have been selected as pilot projects for the Integrated Court Complex. Rs 400 crore has been given for the special project through the supplementary budget passed by the assembly on Tuesday.
Participating in the discussion on the supplementary budget, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also mentioned the important scheme of the Integrated Court Complex.

He said that the timely delivery of justice is essential in good governance. With this spirit, the government is going to construct integrated court complexes in 10 districts.

“Recently, a group from Uttar Pradesh had gone to study Baroda in Gujarat regarding the Integrated Court Complex. The model of the Integrated Court Complex has been successfully implemented here,” said CM Yogi.

At the same time, in a high-level meeting on the action plan of the complex, the Chief Minister said, “According to the different nature of crimes, the number of courts associated with different laws has also increased for speedy justice. These courts function from different places in the districts. Courts are running in rented buildings in many places. Due to courts in different directions in the same district, both the judicial officers and the litigants face problems.”

He added that there are also problems with security arrangements and administrative arrangements. In view of this, integrated court buildings can be useful for the courts. Besides, the construction of such court complexes has also been ordered by the Supreme Court in order. On the instructions of the Chief Minister, the Public Works, Home, and Law, and Justice Departments are working on this project. The integrated building will have space for all the facilities including the court, judges’ chamber, meeting hall, video court, poking, and canteen.

There will also be residences along with the court building.

District and subordinate courts in this integrated court complex are to be built in 10 districts,

There will be Commercial Courts, Miscellaneous, Tribunals, Fast Track Courts, Lok Adalats, etc. There will also be a residential colony for judges and judicial officers and employees, parking, and a food plaza along with court buildings an advocate chamber, and an auditorium. (ANI)

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Unified Court Complex In UP Yogi

Yogi Launches Rs 1,000 Cr Road Projects For Ayodhya

The Yogi Adityanath government has approved Rs 1,000 crore road projects for providing better connectivity to Ayodhya where Ram Temple is being built.

These initiatives include land acquisition for road connectivity, rehabilitation of buildings, shop owners, and construction of buildings. With this, all the roads leading to Ram Janmabhoomi will be widened and beautified, creating a beautiful ambience for pilgrims who travel there to meet Lord Ramlala
Keeping in mind the convenience of the devotees, a 0.566 km four-lane is being built from Sugriva Fort to Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir Marg, which has been named Janmabhoomi Path. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath gave his approval in a high-level meeting for the development project, which will cost approximately Rs 83.33 crore in total, including land purchases and other projects.

In addition, Rs 3.90 crore and Rs 27.17 crore have been made available for the construction work. At present, 39 percent of the work has been completed whereas, the work of the pipeline for sewer-water supply by the Jal Nigam is going at a rapid pace.

Utility duct and RCC drain construction are also underway. From Shringar Haat to Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir Marg, a four-lane stretch measuring 0.742 kilometres is also being constructed. The name of its route is Bhakti Path. For its expansion, a number of Rs 62.79 crore has been approved for the purchase of land and other construction work, against which an amount of Rs 32.10 crore has been released.

Altogether 350 shops that were in the way of the construction have received compensation in this case. While 290 shops have been demolished for widening, action is underway on the remaining. This road is being widened to 13 metres, including the 5.50-meter width of the CC road.

Sahadatganj to Naya Ghat Marg road will be known as Ram Path

A 12.940 km long, four-lane road from Sahadatganj to Naya Ghat marg is being built and has been given the name Ram Path in order to facilitate access to the Lord Shri Ram Janmbhoomi temple for devotees.

An amount of Rs 797.69 crore has been approved for the widening of this road, from the purchase of land to other construction work, against which Rs 290 crore has been released. About 40765 square meters of land are needed for Ram Path, against which 4773 square meters of land have been acquired. (ANI)

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