Amritpal’s Escape, A Nelson’s Eye To Migrants Boat & A Bobbing Trump

One Man

India’s public services have never striven to become number one in competence. However the recent alleged escape of Amritpal must deserve India’s security services, the Punjab Police and the Central Reserve Paramilitary Forces a life time Olympics Gold in incompetence. One man with a turban, highly recognisable face and voice, slipped through a dragnet of 50,000 security and police services. Even the invisible man would have had some trouble, with an accidental bump into someone. There is no doubt the resourcefulness of Sikhs is legendary.

Amritpal Singh, who had started with a campaign against drugs started to get on the ‘Khalistan’ track. Suddenly the independent State-directed Indian media promoted him from a social campaigner to fiery preacher and then upscaled him to ‘State enemy Number 1’. All with rocket speed within a space of two months.

The Indian State doesn’t like anyone talking about freedom. Freedom was what Gandhi did and was extinguished at his funeral. Any resurgence is boxed in jails. Since the BJP follows the teachings of the sages, it isn’t clear where it says in Vedas or Shastras that no community can be given freedom. However that is a different matter. The BJP shastra is a unique one.

Amritpal says he will give himself up when he feels ready to do so. It seems he is running the game currently. At least for now Amritpal 1 and India 0.

Nelson’s Nation Fighting Dinghies

In the centre of London stands the proud statue of Lord Nelson, in the famous Trafalgar Square. Nelson had established the Naval Supremacy of Britain in the legendry battle at Cape Trafalgar against the mighty Spanish Armada and French Navy under Napolean.

Nelson’s was outnumbered in ships, outgunned in artillery and cannons and outmanned in number of men under arms. Yet his direct tactics won decisively. This was 1805. The national theme ‘Rule Britania, Britania rules the waves’ has been one of the most known and representative songs of Britain’s once powerful Navy.

Now Nelson’s legacy has met the rubber Dinghy. The entire might of Britain’s Naval Forces seems a bit outwitted by single rubber dinghy carrying unarmed desperate refugees fleeing persecution or food poverty. Using Nelson’s tactic, it aims straight for the coast.

Under Rishi the Marketman, the British Navy has been reduced to fighting these poor destitute people, many of them women and children, and still losing. Led by the Britain’s new ‘Superwoman’ version, Suella Braverman, the British Home Office has decided that the inflatable rubber Dinghy is the biggest threat to the ‘Realm’. How times change. Nelson is safe in Trafalgar Square. Perhaps it is time to build another column next to it with a dinghy on it.

The Bobbing Trump

Trumpustan is a unique country. However much conventional forces attack it, it has the ability to bob back into the centre of American politics. Everything has been thrown at it, yet it survives and thrives in the media, polls and among the hard core Republican voters in USA.

The latest weapons used to squeeze the genie of Trumpustan into a solid sealed cask has been an indictment and moves to arrest him. Trump wants the arrest to feature forced handcuffs. His supporters will go ballistic and tear open any political containment.

Even Trump’s competitors in the Republican Party are forced to support him. They have no choice. If they don’t, they will lose a huge base of Republican voters, which means the competition ends and Trump wins again.

Trumpustan is a political country within America. It wants to Make America Great Again. Although it is not clear where further Trumpustan wants to take it. The USA is the wealthiest, the mightiest and the most powerful country anyway. Perhaps competing against imagined Aliens in another galaxy?

Trumpustan is hard evidence of the cutting edge physicists theory that there are alternative universes and hence alternative realities. It doesnot matter what evidence exists in our simple world, Trumpustan dismisses it as ‘fake’, political and conspiratorial.

Trump is being charged with giving hush money to a so called prostitute named Stormy Daniel, before his last election, to keep her quiet about his brief dalliance. Stormy has stormed into limelight, the media and the political circus of USA by accusing Trump of giving her merely a whopping $125,000. She obviously wants to rake in more.

But in Trumpustan, she is a liar, the State is a liar and even the Judges appointed by Trump might be liars. Trumpustan carries on with god Trump continuing to forge alternative realities in which the American system become dysfunctional and illusionary.