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India Will Soon be a Force to Reckon With in Robotics Technology

Ankur Yadav, a top official at Addverb, makers of India’s first robotic dog Trakr, says their group is sculpting a future where robots stand as pioneers of progress. His views:

India’s ascent in robotics manufacturing represents not just a technological feat, but a testament to our nation’s ingenuity and resilience. Countless of startups today envision a future where Artificial Intelligence, robotics and future technologies stand as catalysts for progress, ushering in an era of unparalleled innovation and societal enrichment. With unwavering resolve, as India embarks on this journey, fueled by the conviction that together, we can redefine what’s possible and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

As a representative of Addverb, immersed in the forefront of India’s robotics manufacturing landscape, I am privileged to witness the seismic shift unfolding within our nation’s technological sphere. At the heart of this revolution lies the visionary “Make in India” initiative, propelling us towards the zenith of global robotics innovation. From our headquarters in Noida’s Bot Valley, we are sculpting a future where robots stand as pioneers of progress, reshaping industries and redefining human potential.

Among our proudest achievements stands the dog robot-Trakr, a marvel of engineering designed to traverse the most inhospitable terrains with unwavering resilience. Sized akin to a faithful canine companion, these robots epitomize versatility and adaptability. With their adept maneuverability, they venture into perilous environments, capturing crucial data and transmitting live feeds in real-time. Whether navigating treacherous construction sites, inspecting hazardous nuclear facilities, or aiding in disaster relief efforts, our dog robots epitomize the ethos of safety and efficiency.

Our vision extends far beyond the confines of earthly challenges, delving into the realm of healthcare innovation. The advent of robot technology marks a paradigm shift in medical assistance, empowering practitioners to deliver unprecedented levels of care and precision. These collaborative robots seamlessly integrate into clinical settings, augmenting the capabilities of doctors and physiotherapists alike. With their intuitive design and precision-guided movements, cobots optimize workflows, streamline processes, and elevate patient care standards to unparalleled heights.

Yet, perhaps the most transformative aspect of our robotics endeavors lies in their remote capabilities. Through groundbreaking advancements in ultrasound and imaging technologies, we transcend geographical barriers, bringing essential healthcare services to the doorsteps of underserved communities. From bustling metropolises to remote villages nestled amidst verdant landscapes, our robots bridge the healthcare divide, offering hope and healing where it’s needed most.

I am acutely aware of the profound responsibility entrusted upon us. With each innovation we conceive, we bear the mantle of societal progress and ethical stewardship. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and ethical design principles ensures that every robot we create embodies reliability, efficiency, and human-centricity.

Our journey is one of collaboration, innovation, and relentless determination. Guided by the visionary leadership of “Make in India,” we forge ahead, propelled by the belief that our creations will shape a brighter, more inclusive future for all. Together, we stand on the precipice of greatness, poised to unleash the transformative power of robotics upon the world. 

As told to Deepti Sharma

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