Himachal Pradesh Rain

Himachal On Alert, 20 Dead Due To Heavy Rain In Six Days

The Himachal Pradesh government has put the entire state on alert amid a rain warning. Naresh Chauhan, the Principal Media Advisor to the Chief Minister, said that all the Deputy Commissioners have been put on alert and are prepared to deal with the rain disaster.

So far during the past six days, a loss of Rs. 219.54 crore has been estimated and 20 people have lost their lives. Nearly 30 roads are closed, 88 water supply schemes are hampered and 11 water supply schemes are disrupted in the state.
Since June 24, after the arrival of the monsoon, five houses, 21 cow sheds and two shops were fully damaged, 30 houses were partially damaged, and 352 cattle also died due to floods.

“During the past few days, due to heavy rainfall, 20 people have lost their lives, most of these are road accidents and six cases out of this are drowning. Almost all roads are open, apart from a few rural areas. Those who want to come to Himachal Pradesh are welcome here as everything is open in the state,” said Naresh Chauhan, Principal Media advisor to Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Thakur Sukhwinder Sukhu.

“There are chances of the flash flood only on rivulets and river banks; an advisory has been issued in this regard. We are well prepared in some parts of the state. Water and electricity supply is hampered and is also being restored. The Chief Minister has directed all the districts to be on alert for the entire monsoon season,” he added.

On Thursday, Shimla Police said that it will deploy guards on the banks of the rivers in the district to prevent drowning cases in the region.

The move came amid a surge in drowning cases due to the ongoing monsoon season and heavy rainfall in the region.

In this regard, Superintendent of Police Shimla District Sanjeev Kumar Gandhi said that along with River Guards near the rivers, signage would be placed which will mention not to go near the banks of the river. (ANI)

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