Prigozhin A Saint; Modi And Mughal Fort; Chandrayya3

Prigozhin A Saint; Modi And Mughal Fort; Chandrayaan3

Prigozhin The Saint?

The Ukraine war or special operations, depending on which side of the Ukraine LOC one is, has been quite transformative for some people from a western patronage. First the AZOV brigade that was demonised as Nazis by no less than the BBC and The Guardian among others in the west, suddenly became baptised by remote control by the same media into democratic liberal angels when Putin decided to destroy them. It was the fastest metamorphosis of character and needed no psychiatric treatment pathway for rehabilitation. All that happened was that Putin also classified them as Nazis.

A similar baptism seems to have taken place posthumously of Prigozhin the mercenary leader who vanquished in a plane blast. So much coverage has been given to him in the western press that one might be mistaken to think the man was a NATO war hero. In fact more media coverage seems to have been accorded to him than given to the late Queen of England when she passed away.

Reams and reams and multitude of webpages go on about the unforgiving Putin having killed him in revenge. Prigozhin’s plane fell off after what is thought to be a bomb blast and some say missile attacks. Only three months ago media coverage of him was ‘Putin’s dog’ or evil mercenary knowing no ethics or morals. But two months ago this attention seeking man led an unsuccessful armed mutiny against Putin and the Russian government. He became an overnight darling of the ‘Ethics R us’ liberal media in the West.

The ever strategic Putin appears to have played him along, giving him new missions to bomb and spread Wagner evil in the world, while plotting to dismantle Wagner. Prigozhin’s mercenary group got renewed contracts in Africa.

Lately they started to gang up on the Polish border to intimidate Poland. Poland put its forces on alert at the Poland-Belarus border triggering fears of the Ukraine war spilling into an all-out NATO-Russia war, effectively The Third World War. There is no evidence that Putin or Belarus’s Lukashenko were on in this madness. Prigozhin and his massive and well equipped force was obviously out of control and opening a new and dangerous front in the war as a populist move without bothering with the Kremlin. He Prigozhin was his own man and he decided strategy on impulse. His death might have averted a dangerous twist to the Ukraine conflict.

However the tone of much of western media is that he was hard done by Putin, that he was a possible challenge to Putin and could precipitate the end of Putin regime.  He has been promoted as a maverick, a rough person who didn’t fit in the polished elite of the Kremlin and who has been ditched despite the enormous work he did for Russia. There is a sort of adulation of him.

Prigozhin’s speciality was to tape down any man in his outfit suspected of desertion or treason, then crack the skull with a sledgehammer. The sledgehammer was his Wagner group’s logo. His mercenary troops use that and many other brutal methods against ‘enemies’ identified by their paymasters to cause fear. Brutality was their trademark. No human rights there.

Yet none of the headlines sighed that an evil brutal mercenary is dead. There have been obituaries, analysis stating how this ‘assassination’ could lead to end of Putin regime and there has been a queue of western leaders, including Biden, pointing the finger at Putin for this man’s death as if this was the greatest loss to world peace and a travesty of justice. But none saying Putin, if he was indeed behind this death, has done human kind a favour. Extraordinary.

Interesting how western liberals recast the biggest villains into almost saints. All they have to do is be on the wrong side of Putin and evil can be washed away in a second in the western liberal Church. Welcome to the world of liberal soul washing.

Modi And The Invaders’ Qila

Standing atop Lal Qila (Red Fort) proud on Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lamented that India had been under foreign rule for thousand years until 1947 when another Gujarati threw out the last invaders by simply marching up and down in streets and taking a few lathis. A long list of great Hindu rulers were cited by Modi ji as the pedigree to his ascent. Except the man who built the fort where Modiji made his speech, Emperor Shajahan. Or the other Mughals who added to the might and splendour of Lal Qila.

Why do Indian leaders stand triumphantly at the Red Fort while attacking those who built it. Why didn’t Modiji stand on top of his magnificent new parliament building which will be his legacy to an Indian list of wonders of the world architecture but is really a homage to Pythagoras. Or stand on top of gigantic statue of Vallabhbhai Patel from which one can climb on to the clouds. Word has it if a Jack Beanstalk plant is placed on the top of Patel’s head, it is only a short climb to the moon. That could have saved a lot of money on Chandrayaan-3

If the derided invaders did nothing else, at least they built the platform on which every Indian leader stands tall, pretending to be warrior and conqueror. So far the Fort is safe. The Bhakts haven’t yet got around to conjure up a temple underneath although the Architecture Survey of India have found some pottery dating back 2500 years BC. Will that be enough to demolish the Fort and replace it with Modi Qila? Then Mughal history can be wiped out. As it is, Mughals are in the face whether BJP likes it or not.

It won’t be the first time the idea of razing the fort will have happened. The British, before they became semi-cultured, destroyed 80% of the Qila’s magnificent buildings. The British also wanted to demolish Taj Mahal as they thought it was a waste of marble. Luckily the Captain of the forces got distracted with another war.

Did Chandrayaan-3 Fulfil Its Mission?

All I want to know is whether Chandrayaan-3 found if the moon is into ‘pue pakayeen boor ke’. And is Chandamama really eating in a thali while most Indian kids eat in a pyali. No doubt these and other things will be revealed to us by scientists once the pictures are looked at carefully.

For those who were born for and nurtured by social media and missed this, there is an old and beautiful lyric. Many a child grew listening and singing to this.

Chandamama Door ke
Pue Pakaayen boor ke
Aap khaaen Thali mein
Munne ko daen Pyaali mein

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