All That UP Lacked Before Is Now Available: Shah At Global Investors Summit

All That UP Lacked Before Is Now Available: Shah At Global Investors Summit

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday hailed the ‘favourable atmosphere’ in Uttar Pradesh for industries, saying that the state fulfils all the criteria to required to draw investments.

Addressing the three-day UP Global Investors’ Summit, which kicked off at Lucknow on Friday, Shah said that there was a time when the state lacked law-and-order and was synonymous with violence due to a lack of prompt decision-making by the previous governments. However, things changed for the better in the current Yogi Adityanath government, which has excelled in creating a congenial ambience for investment.
“For drawing investment to any state, there is a need to meet five requirements. First, the law and order situation should be good. Second, the state’s infrastructure should be robust. Third, the state government should frame policies that have clarity, especially with regard to industry and finance. Fourth, the state government should be run in a transparent manner. And finally, the state Cabinet should possess quick decision-making ability. There was a time when one would be disappointed looking at the state of affairs in Uttar Pradesh. However, all that the state lacked previously are now available on the ground today,” the Home minister said.

Shah said the Uttar Pradesh government has framed various policies to attract industries. “Law and order has improved by leaps and bounds. Uttar Pradesh is one of the few states to have drawn bulk investments in infrastructure. Various policies have been formulated in favour of industries and there is no lack of clarity anymore on the government’s intent,” Shah said.

“There is not even a single allegation against the Yogi government. There is a favourable ambience for industries and investment in Uttar Pradesh,” the Union Home minister added.

Earlier on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Uttar Pradesh Global Investors Summit 2023 in Lucknow.

Highlighting the country’s development strides and investment-friendly environment and, also pointing out that Uttar Pradesh was driving the country’s growth, PM Modi said that India was reforming not out of compulsion but out of conviction.

If India is the bright spot in the world, then Uttar Pradesh is its growth engine, he said.

Addressing the gathering, he said, “Uttar Pradesh’s growth has been noteworthy. People used to say that it was hard to develop UP and the law-and-order situation in the state can never improve. UP was known for scams and no one had any hopes on the state’s revival and reform. But, in just five to six years, UP has created a new identity for itself. Today, Uttar Pradesh is known for good governance, peace, law-and-order, and stability.”

PM Modi said a big change is being seen in the thinking and aspirations of society and the country’s youth today. The aspirations of youth are behind the country’s push for development, he added.

“Today every credible voice in the world believes that India’s economy will continue to grow rapidly. The biggest reason behind this is the increasing self-confidence of Indians,” PM Modi said.

He added that UP has also reaped great benefits from the work that the government has done on social, digital and infrastructure fronts. He said the Centre has abolished dozens of archaic laws and today India is witnessing development at speed and on a large scale.

“Today, India is reforming, not out of compulsion but conviction. More than 40,000 compliances have been removed and many laws have been abolished,” PM Modi said. (ANI)

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Dengue Outbreak In Pakistan

High-Level Team Rushes To UP To Manage Dengue in 3 Districts

The Centre on Friday informed that it has decided to depute a high-level team to Uttar Pradesh in collaboration with the state authorities for instituting measures for dengue management in Firozabad, Agra and Etawah districts.

“Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has decided to depute a high-level multi-disciplinary team to Uttar Pradesh to collaborate with the State Health Authorities in instituting public health measures for Dengue management in Firozabad, Agra and Etawah districts,” the ministry informed in a press statement.
As per the statement, the six-member central team to Uttar Pradesh comprises experts from National Centre for Disease Control, National Centre for Vector Borne Diseases Control and Dr RML Hospital, New Delhi.

The team will be headed by Dr VK Chaudhary, Senior RD, Regional Office of Health and Family Welfare, Lucknow.

The team shall work closely with the State Health Departments and take stock of the on-ground situation and recommend necessary public health interventions to manage the increasing cases of Dengue being reported by the State, it stated. (ANI)

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Cow Vaccination Reaches UP

Cow Vaccination Reaches 100% In Seven Districts, 80% In Twenty-Two Districts: UP

Intensifying its efforts to curb the spread of the lumpy virus among animals across the state, the Yogi Adityanth-led government in Uttar Pradesh has completed the vaccination of almost 100 percent of cows in seven districts and more than 80 percent in 22 districts of the state.

As per official reports of the UP government, at 97 percent, the lumpy vaccination rate is the highest in Bareilly. It is important to note that Uttar Pradesh reached the milestone of administering 1 crore vaccine doses to prevent lumpy skin disease in just 40 days. Gujarat, which has administered about 63 lakh vaccines in the previous three months, is ranked second. Uttar Pradesh is the first state in the country to administer lumpy vax to 1 crore cows so far.
The state government has taken several steps to stop the transmission of the lumpy virus, including among others issuing necessary instructions to all the districts in this regard. The Panchayati Raj and Urban Development Department have been directed to coordinate in spraying anti-larval medicine in all villages to stop the spread of the lumpy virus amid the recent heavy rains.

Directions have also been issued that Agra, Meerut, Bareilly, Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Prayagraj, and Jhansi districts must distribute Ivermectin Bolus and Iodine Ointment.

Moreover, given excessive rains and possible floods, officials have been asked to provide information about the cows affected and dead because of the lumpy virus to headquarters immediately. Each district has been given a deadline of October 31 to complete the required vaccinations.

Additional Chief Secretary, Livestock, Dr. Rajneesh Dubey informed that as per the instructions of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, 2000 teams were formed in the state to carry out vaccinations and extensive ‘ring’ and ‘belt’ vaccinations were done.

“Cows with lumpy skin disease signs were discovered for the first time in the state during the second week of August. The Animal Husbandry Department immediately stepped up its attention and began extensive monitoring. The government formed Team-9,” he added.

Seven senior nodal officers from Team-9 extensively monitored Bareilly, Moradabad, Meerut, Saharanpur, Agra, and Aligarh divisions. In the state, 1.32 crore doses of the Goat Pox vaccination have been ordered so far.

The vaccination campaign started in western UP, a ring vaccination was launched in the 25 lumpy virus-affected districts of Western Uttar Pradesh.

Later, to contain the spread of disease from Western UP to the central and eastern regions of the state, a 10 km wide and 320 km long belt from Pilibhit to Etawah district was created. Under the area of the belt, 100% vaccination of all the cattle was done.

The second belt was created from district Etawah to Auraiya which was about 155 km long. 100% vaccination of all the cattle was ensured in this area. In addition, the Goat Pox vaccination of cows is being done at a fast pace in the entire state by conducting ring vaccination within a radius of 10 km around all the municipalities and municipal corporations.

The Government ensured that all the cows in shelters and ‘gaushalas’ across the state were vaccinated against the virus. Priority was also given to the vaccination of all the cattle at the inter-state and intra-state borders.

In 31 districts of Western UP, 98 dedicated cow shelter sites were opened in which infected cows were protected separately. The lumpy virus has so far infected 76713 cows in the state, of which 56054 (73%) have recovered while the rest are undergoing treatment and their health is showing steady improvement. (ANI)

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Mulayam's Health Deteriorates

Mulayam’s Health Deteriorates, Shifted To ICU

Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Mulayam Singh Yadav’s health deteriorated on Sunday and he was shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Medanta hospital in Gurugram.

The 82-year-old SP leader was admitted for several days but on Sunday he has been shifted to the ICU after his condition deteriorated.
Meanwhile, Akhilesh Yadav left for Delhi from Lucknow as soon as he received the news of his father’s health.

Mulayam Singh referred to as Netaji- founded the Samajwadi Party. He currently represents the Mainpuri constituency in the Lok Sabha.

Earlier, the Samajwadi Party patriarch’s wife, Sadhna Gupta, passed away in July this year.

She was undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Gurugram for a lung infection.

Sadhana Gupta was Mulayam Singh Yadav’s second wife. His first wife, Malati Devi, passed away in 2003. Maalti Devi was the mother of Akhilesh Yadav. (ANI)

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Samajwadi Takes Out March Against UP Govt, Security Tight In Lucknow

A large number of security personnel were deployed at the State Assembly as Samajwadi Party (SP) on Monday held a protest march against the UP government, raising various demands.

SP chief Akhilesh Yadav and many party legislators and leaders led the march from the party office to Vidhan Sabha highlighting issues in the state before the Monsoon Session of the state legislature commenced today.

“We have come here to protest on the various issues of public interest. This is our constitutional right, but the BJP is not letting the legislators go to the assembly,” said a party leader.

Hitting back at the protest led by Akhilesh Yadav, Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prashad Maurya said that the march is not related to the benefit of the common people.

“SP’s protest is not related to the benefit of the common people. If they want to discuss this, they are free to do it in the Assembly. Our government is ready for discussions. Such protests will only create problems for people,” Maurya said.

Maurya also took a jibe at Samajwadi and said that the party is jobless now and they have nothing to do.

Massive security deployment in Lucknow had been done in view of the march.

“They had not taken permission.” Still, they were assigned a designated route which would not have caused traffic congestion. They refused to take that. We have no option but to stop them here. If they take the designated route, there would not be a problem,” Joint Commissioner of Police, Law and Order Piyush Mordia said. (ANI)

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‘Tongas Will Become Dinosaurs Soon’

  I was 15 when I took the seat alongside my father and started ferrying passengers on the roads of Lucknow.

For 60 years, I have guided several thousands of tourists around the heritage sites of our historical city. Until the early 2000s, there was steady business for most of the tongawalahs. We never fell short of tourists and used to return home with a decent amount of money – enough to run our households and feed our horses. However, with the passage of time, things deteriorated drastically.

Passengers hardly come by. And when someone chooses to take a tonga ride, it leads to a squabble among the tongawallahs, over who gets to ferry that lone passenger. The tonga was my bread and butter once; now it is a burden that I have chosen to carry to my grave. Earlier, the state government had chalked out a route, which was working well for us. We used to ply across the five-kilometer-long stretch between Chidiyaghar to the Chhota Imambara.

It included all the historical sites such as, Bhoolbhulaiya, Bada Imambara, and Pukka Pul. But now our movement has been restricted. We can now ply only between Pukka Pul and the Unity College – a one-kilometer long stretch. During the Samajwadi Party regime, this one-kilometer stretch was declared the ‘heritage zone’. The road was even paved with old bricks to give it a ‘heritage’ look.

The then chief minister, Akhilesh Yadav had promised that other vehicles will be banned from this stretch to give us the much-needed boost. But such promises are never kept – it is one lesson that I have learnt. The advent of e-rikshaws have proven to be the last nail on our coffins. They ferry across the city like bees, with no one to check them.

Commuters too prefer e-rikshaws over tongas, since they are cheaper and can move around anywhere in the city as they have licenses. Till 10 years ago, we had licenses too. But the city administration has not renewed them. They are also waiting to quietly phase us out. Burdened with our set of problems, we have met the district magistrate several times, but to no avail. All we get is reassurances and no real action.  With no option left, most tongawalahs have shifted jobs.

The tongas left can be counted on the fingers now. There are just eight to 10 tongas on the roads of Lucknow, with a daily income of a meagre Rs.50 to Rs 100 a day. I am old, and I have chosen to continue with the `legacy’ of my fore-fathers till the day I die.

But my children have no interest in this profession. I have four sons and fortunately, all of them are fortunately in different professions. Once I die, I know for sure that my tonga will be either sold off or will be kept chained outside our house. The other tongawalahs await the same fate. An important part of the city’s heritage is on the verge of extinction, and no one seems to be bothered. Lucknow will quietly witness the extinction of our clan.