The Bumble Bee Pedant Fizzling Down…

With gold and velvet flowing like the Ganga in mud, the coronation of the King of United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and of course Commonwealth looked like a festival of Bumble Bees with golden and black stripes. It was so carefully and minutely choreographed that one almost felt sorry for the Prince metamorphosed as King. The phrase gilded cage would not find a better caricature.

But then it transpired that the King himself had overlooked every little minutiae of the proceedings, every guest list and every arrangement on how many steps each person would take. The King of England did not want any mistakes lest people laugh at him and turn off.  Not much of a sovereign when One is scared of being taken for the court jester. Not the same as the mighty Henry VIII who would have said ‘offff with his head’ if anyone dared to laugh at his funny clothes or a bit of a misstep.

Nor like the powerful Monarchs of Middle East who can cut hands, legs, heads and even more with swords. Or like the Presidents of come countries such as China and USA, who can wipe the whole world with one finger touch on a red button if they so much want. Still the ceremony, the cast and the wardrobe kept many glued to TV saying ‘aaahhh, oooh’.

British Monarchs are a neutered species. They reflect ‘Britain rules the Thames’ now with all the filth filtered into the once sacred river by the British privatised water companies.  It is increasingly being exposed that the vast wealth and Jewellery in the possession of the Monarchy is dubiously stolen from other countries such as signing agreements and breaking them in characteristic British approach. Ask the EU who are still wondering whether any document signed by HRH Government is worth the paper.

To come back to the coronation, called regalia. It had all the props of a B Hollywood movie set for a Shakespearian film about a British Monarch. It was surrealist. It was difficult to take this as reality because it is so reflective of a bygone world. Was Television showing a film or a real life event?  Perhaps the next Monarch can do a stone age version with Mammoth tusks and Skin coats.

But people thronged to watch and those whose lands had been pillaged, looted and handed to others, fell over themselves to have a glimpse. Some even put on rings and gloves etc on the King, perhaps thanking his family for all the hard work in their ancient lands. It is bizarre.

The comedy got even more competitive with Saturday night shows. The King of England is ‘divine’. Yes believe it or not. After God, comes the King of England. The Pope was usurped in England by good old Henry VIII. Not that His Divineness, HRH has been able to do much for people sleeping rough on the streets of London, or 20% children in Britain going hungry every day, except shoo them out of statistics.

There was some oil brought all the way from Jerusalem to put on his nipples and some other appendages to affirm his ‘divinity’. This is out of those Marvel fantasy films, where the hero is anointed with some holy icon to protect the world from the evil designs of the devil’s warlords. 

Being God’s emissary or assistant, His ‘divineness’ has decided to become ‘defender of all faiths’, whether they like it or not. ‘We are looking for the same’ says HRH Divineness. Charles the nth. Well in that case his first job as defender of faiths should be to wear that Glove given by a Sikh and rush over to France and divinely make the King of France, Macron, permit Sikh children to wear turbans in schools. It will be a befitting use of the glove. At least in Marvel films, heroes with divine powers can do much more.

Not everyone was enamoured by the coronation. Scotland football fans of the Celtics, spent a whole afternoon in the match singing, ‘you can shove your coronation up you ….’ (Lokmarg has some standards).

As with all these pompous ceremonies, His Divineness’ has had to go to Scotland to be enthroned as well to lay claim to all his lands. Only to be met by a number of Scottish with placards, ‘Not my King’. Other Scottish couldn’t be bothered to turn out.

Nevertheless the Bumble Bee circus will go on and is considering making its way to India as first stop in the colonies. Strong man Modiji will only be more than gelatinous to hug His Divineness’ and thank his family for reducing India’s once might GDP at 25% of world’s wealth (during Mughals) and reducing it almost zero on 1947. Modiji does not like Mughals and English stripped the Mughals of their wealth. So great souls.

Alas the rest of us will continue to watch the Bumble Bee show carry on reminding many of us that every shiny stone in that crown has come through the spilt blood of our kin somewhere in history.

However having said all that, it has to be admitted a bit begrudgingly by Republicans like me that the ceremony, the pomp, the fairy tale royalty and organisation was unbeatable. No one else can do it better.

Modi Ji All Weather Man

In this gender neutral world, Modiji will hug anyone who is white and powerful and get away with it without taking sides. Within a week, our Modiji had hugged Joe Biden of the United States and Vladmir Putin of Russia without any embarrassment.

Russia and United States are growling at each other like Rottweilers, fighting in Ukraine. But only Modiji can be relaxed and smiley with both. It is diplomacy and statesmanship or something else.

And neither Biden nor Putin can take a step back from these huggies. They both seem to adore Modi ji. Modiji’s smiles are too irresistible.

Now hugging Xi is another matter. As the mighty Chinese keeps on gnawing at India’s real estate, and is too dour to be seduced by smiles and hugs, Xi is unlikely to come ten steps near Modi lest he is grasped and hugged. Unless of course Modi and Jaishankar finally hand all of India to China and tell Indians that it is the deal of the millennia. In which case Xi will give him the hug of the century with a smile that will beat all.


Not to be outdone by all those Islamic Madrasas in South Asia, the Sangh has come up with its own plan. Why not beat them at their own game and set up Hindu Madrasas in Muslim countries.

So the Sanghis have now established some 350 Vedic  Schools in Bangladesh to instil pride in  being Hindus and tell Hindu children why they should worship cows in a country in which people eat Beef in almost every meal.  The Sanghis are also demanding 50 seats reservation in Bangladesh Parliament.

Apparently the RSS is behind all this. Hope fully similar Hindu Madrasas will be established in Pakistan and Afghanistan soon.

King Charles

These Indians Will Attend King Charles III’s Enthronement

King Charles III’s coronation ceremony commences today. Several Indians will be part of the coronation ceremony to represent the nation at the royal event in London.

Vice President Jaideep Dhankar along with his wife Sudesh Dhankar will represent India at the royal spectacle among numerous celebrities and heads of government from across the world.

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor will also be performing spoken word at King’s enthronement ceremony as earlier reported by US-based media house Variety.

Two Dabbawalas from Mumbai’s Dabbawalas, famous worldwide for their lunchbox delivery in the metropolitan city are also invited to the royal ceremony.

The Dabbawalas bought ‘Puneri Pagadi’ and a shawl of the ‘Warkari’ community. Puner Pagadi is a unique style of turban and is considered a symbol of pride and honour in Pune. It was granted the Geographical Indication status in the year 2009.

Numerous community workers connected to King Charles’s charity work will also attend the royal extravaganza.

Architect Sourabh Phadke, alumnus of Charles Foundation’s Building Craft Programme and the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts, with Gulfsa, 33, a Delhi resident who won the Prince’s Trust Globe Award will be attending the event.

Jay Patel who resides in Canada is also invited as he completed Prince’s Trust Canada’s Youth Employment programme last year.

Indian-origin British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will recite from the biblical book of Colossians at the coronation ceremony. Sunak with his wife Akshata Murty will lead the procession of delegates.

To mark the representation of different faiths at the enthronement ceremony peers of Rishi Sunak, Lord Indrajit Singh and Lord Syed Kamall of Indo-Guyanese heritage will attend the ceremony. Lord Indrajit will stand in for the Sikh faith and Lord Syed Kamali for Muslim belief. (ANI)

Charles to be formally proclaimed king on Saturday morning

After the passing away of Queen Elizabeth on Thursday, King Charles will be officially proclaimed as Britain’s new monarch at a meeting of the Accession Council at St James’s Palace on Saturday.

The 73-year-old King Charles has boarded a plane to London and will be proclaimed at Accession Council tomorrow at 10 am tomorrow in the State Apartments of St James’s Palace, said Buckingham Palace.
King Charles was by his mother’s side at her beloved Scottish Highlands home as her health deteriorated, will return to the capital to hold his first audience with Prime Minister Liz Truss as king, before he addresses the nation on television at 6 pm, reported Sky News.

Dressed in a black suit and tie, the grieving King, left Balmoral this afternoon seated in the back of a car, with his wife Camilla, the Queen Consort, in the front passenger seat, as they were driven in convoy to the airport.

He stepped out carrying a bundle of papers and stopped to shake hands and spend time chatting to staff in the rain, before leaving on a plane bound for London, reported Sky News.

The couple spent the night at Balmoral following the death of the 96-year-old monarch, who he described as a “cherished sovereign and a much-loved mother”.

Following news that the Queen’s health was deteriorating, other senior royals also rushed to be by her side, including the next in line to the throne, Prince William.

His brother Prince Harry, was the first to leave the Royal Family’s Scottish residence this morning and boarded a British Airways flight from Aberdeen to London after he had travelled to Scotland alone.

Prince William did not join his father, as it is a royal protocol that the monarch and heir to the throne do not travel together, reported Sky News.

He, Princess Royal, the Earl and Countess of Wessex and Prince Andrew remain in Scotland.

Senior royals will have duties to perform in Scotland in the coming days when the Queen’s coffin begins its journey back to the capital.

King Charles III acceded to the throne immediately following the death of Elizabeth II on Thursday, and described losing his mother as “a moment of the greatest sadness for me and all members of my family”.

During this mourning period, he said he and his family would be “comforted and sustained by our knowledge of the respect and deep affection in which the Queen was so widely held”.

The new monarch – born Charles Philip Arthur George – became heir to the throne at the age of three, a title he would hold for 70 years.

He has been preparing to be King his entire life and has chosen to use his Christian name for his title as monarch, just like his late beloved mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The formal process of proclaiming him King will be carried out by the Accession Council – a group made up of Privy Counsellors, Great Officers of State, the Lord Mayor of London, Realm High Commissioners and senior civil servants.

It is split into two parts. The first approves various consequential orders including the arrangements, without the King present.

The second involves the King holding his first Privy Council, making his declaration and reading and signing an oath to uphold the security of the Church in Scotland (as unlike in England, Church and State are separate there) and approve orders which facilitate continuity of government. (ANI)