Yogi Free Pasture Land

Yogi To Launch State-Wide Campaign To Free Pasture Land From Illegal Encroachment

The government of Uttar Pradesh under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will launch a state-wide campaign to free pasture land from illegal encroachment starting from July 11.

According to an official statement, it has been found that animals cause more damage to standing crops when they don’t have anything to eat nearby, and pasture land is essential for this purpose. “To free pasture land from illegal encroachments, the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development is launching a campaign from July 11 to August 25”, the statement read.
As part of its ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of both animals and farmers, the Yogi government has set up as many as 6781 cow shelters in Uttar Pradesh, where more than 11,88,875 distressed cattle have been kept.

Additionally, the statement said that the government provides funds each month to ensure enough straw and fodder for these cattle.

With the motive of achieving sustainable development, a campaign of artificial insemination is also going on in the entire state for the improvement of species. Through this campaign, only female offspring will be born from the cows that undergo artificial insemination, the release stated.

“The probability of this is more than 90 per cent, and the offspring will be of a better breed. Although this will take some time, the state’s entire dairy industry will be revitalized once unproductive animal issues have been permanently resolved”, it read.

The government of UP is also gearing up to implement the Mukhyamantri Khet Suraksha Yojana (Solar Fencing) as a measure to safeguard crops from stray and wild animals. According to the statement, the aim is to protect the standing crops in the field from animal attacks without harming the animals.

The release further stated, “Under this scheme, farmers will be able to install solar fencing around their fields, which will have a low-current flow of only 12 volts along with the sound of sirens. This will only give a shock to animals, causing them no harm. This will prevent stray or wild animals from causing damage to standing crops in the fields. For this purpose, the government will also provide a subsidy of 60 per cent, or Rs 1.43 lakh per hectare, to small and marginal farmers.”

Notably, the agriculture department has prepared a draft of this scheme, which will soon be sent to the cabinet. After receiving approval there, it will be implemented in Bundelkhand as a model.

Further, to prevent monkeys from causing significant harm to standing crops, and fruit-bearing plants, the administration in Lucknow has taken the initiative to establish a monkey forest. This will be established away from the population of the city.

“Various mixed plants will be planted to ensure a year-round supply of fruits. Additionally, arrangements for drinking water will be made. This plan aims to protect monkeys from human settlements and protect farmlands and gardens”, the statement added. (ANI)

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