King Charles III

Charles III Crowned King, Camilla Crowned With Queen Mary’s Crown

As King Charles III was crowned, gun salutes were fired from 13 locations across the UK including Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, and on deployed Royal Navy ships, CNN reported.

The largest, a 62-round salute, happened from the Tower of London. A six-gun salute took place at Horse Guards Parade and 21 rounds were fired at the remaining locations.
The bells of Westminster Abbey rang out to celebrate the historic moment, CNN reported.

After the King was crowned, Queen Camilla received her own coronation, albeit in a slightly different form.

Like her husband, she was anointed with holy oil by the Archbishop of Canterbury, but without a screen, which demonstrates the different nature of anointing a consort compared to a reigning sovereign, CNN reported.

The Keeper of the Jewel House then presents the Consort’s Ring, which symbolizes promise and commitment, “marrying” her to the King and both to God and their people.

Then, she was crowned with Queen Mary’s Crown, marking the first time in recent history that a new crown wasn’t made specifically for this occasion, and presented with the Sceptre and Rod, CNN reported.

Finally, Camilla was enthroned. This was followed by an original composition by Andrew Lloyd Webber that sets verses from Psalm 98 to music. (ANI)