‘Why Penalise All Pet Parents For The Fault Of A Few Bad Apples?’

Tushar Srivastava, a pet parent, says a blanket ban on supposedly ferocious dog breeds is akin to throwing baby out with the bathwater. His views:

As a devoted parent to a Rottweiler, lovingly called Gabbar, the recent ban on 23 dog breeds has left me deeply troubled. This blanket prohibition not only unfairly targets responsible pet owners but also promotes misconceptions about certain breeds, casting a shadow on the future of canine companionship. As I am trying to recover through all-round stigmatization and prejudice against select pets, I implore society to reconsider its approach to our furry companions.

This ban not only penalizes responsible pet parents like me but also threatens to erase these majestic creatures from our communities. It is heartbreaking to witness the misguided belief that banning breeds will solve behavioral issues, as it neglects the root cause of canine misbehavior and neglects the responsibility of owners. Such an approach is akin to throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

The imposition of fines on pet owners whose dogs misbehave is a reasonable measure to encourage responsible pet ownership. However, banning entire breeds only serves to perpetuate fear and discrimination. It is akin to punishing an entire classroom for the actions of a few disruptive students. Instead, we should focus on education, training, and support for pet owners to foster positive relationships between dogs and their communities.

We must encourage our children to form meaningful bonds with dogs

Moreover, the notion that certain breeds are inherently dangerous is not only scientifically unfounded but also unjust. Rottweilers, like any other breed, thrive in loving environments with proper socialization and training. They are not born aggressive; rather, aggression is often a result of neglect, abuse, or lack of socialization. By condemning entire breeds, we risk endorsing stereotypes and depriving our future generations of the joy of canine companionship.

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As a dog parent, I refuse to let fear dictate my love for the furry companions. My Rottweiler is not a threat to society; he is a beloved member of my family, showering us with unwavering loyalty and affection. He deserves to be judged based on his individual temperament and behavior, not on misguided perceptions of its breed.

Furthermore, the consequences of a blanket breed ban extend far beyond the realm of pet ownership. By prohibiting certain breeds, we send a message to future generations that dogs are to be feared and avoided rather than being embraced as loving buddies. We risk depriving children of the opportunity to form meaningful bonds with these incredible animals and instead perpetuate a culture of fear and mistrust.

Instead of resorting to draconian measures, let us work together to promote responsible pet ownership and create communities where all dogs are welcome. This includes providing resources for training and socialization, implementing stricter penalties for irresponsible owners, and challenging harmful stereotypes about certain breeds.

In conclusion, the recent ban on 23 dog breeds is not only unjust but also counterproductive. As a Rottweiler parent, I urge society to reconsider its approach to pet policies and embrace a more compassionate and rational approach. Let us not condemn entire breeds based on fear and prejudice but instead celebrate the diversity and beauty of our canine companions.

Together, we can build communities where all dogs, regardless of breed, are valued and cherished members of society.

As told to Deepti Sharma

‘Before Owning A Pet, Find Out The Breed’s Requirements’

Vishal Mishra, an avid dog lover in Lucknow, says many pet owners keep big, aggressive dogs as trophies, without knowing about their needs for space, love and physical activity

The shocking incident of a Pit Bull mauling its owner in Lucknow recently, and the resulting media coverage, had at least a few positive outcomes. One, pet owners are now trying to find more about the needs of their pets and; two, municipal officials have become more watchful in inspection of pet licenses in the city. However, most pet owners still remain ignorant about the wellbeing of their dogs. Let me offer my two bits.

Keeping high-end dog breeds, often imported ones, has always been a status symbol among Indians. However, with the arrival of social media, everybody now wants a pet so they can regularly boast about their possessions like a trophy. It matters little to the owner if he has adequate space and time for the breed that he has brought home.

The most important point, according to the requirements of a specific breed, is the space for a dog. A large dog which has guarding or hunting features, is unsuitable to be kept in a small living space. Also, every dog needs its own physical activity (including mating) which will enable it to live its full life and capacity. A dog also requires playful company, care and time of its owner. Another important thing is to adopt the dog at its prescribed age so that it can adopt its new family well.

Most dog owners, who buy pets more as a prize-cup than a family member, fail on all these counts. Often, large, aggressive dogs are kept in small apartments, with insufficient physical activity and veterinary care (like deworming, vaccination). I personally know people who live with a family of four in a 1200 sqft housing unit but keep a pet the size of a Siberian Husky.

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If any living being is not getting the minimum required space and movement, it will surely affect its mental health and may bring drastic or dangerous changes in its behavior. This is what possibly happened in the case Pit Bull.

Many owners barely have the time for their pets, other than walking the dog once in a day to answer nature’s call. This is sheer cruelty. I have three pets, two Labradors and one mongrel. I ensure that besides having ample playful time with them, I tend to their medical needs, besides yearly renewal of their licenses.

Recently, a team of municipal officials came to our housing society and besides mandating the license, it requested pet owners to take help of professional trainer for guidance. However, as far as I have experienced, if you provide the basic amenities to a dog like space, physical activity, attention and partner, you do not need a formal trainer.

Pitbull, Doberman, Boxer, German Shepherds etc. may help their owners get attention or awe, but improper bringing up of these powerful dogs can pose a serious threat to people’s lives too. Dogs should not be treated as a trophy to show off but as a partner and member of your family.

As told to Rajat Rai