Corner Shop Zaildars

Corner Shop Zaildars

Some South Asians are quite enterprising, particularly in understanding local needs and catering to them. When South Asians first arrived in big numbers in Britain and USA. Most took up menial jobs. Some saved and started small businesses. Then some went into politics and now some have taken over the politics. Quite smart.

The Asians who succeeded in small Businesses realised that indigenous people (White British) were frustrated with shop opening times. Shops essentially opened 8 am to 6 pm. People had to rush back from work to get any shopping done. There was no Sunday opening since it had been outlawed by the Church a few centuries in the past. It’s Christian Sabbath, or Church Day.

Come the Patels and the Khans. They started opening from 7 am to 9 pm. There was an exponential increase in corner shops owned by Indians and Pakistanis. They exploited local needs. They started competing with each other, eventually opening up to midnight. The Supermarkets lobbied the Government. If Patels and Khans can open shops till late, why not supermarkets. There are now even 24-hour Supermarkets and open on Sundays. No longer going to Church when one can go to Supermarket and have tea and cake in their shop as well.

Taxis was another enterprise South Asians quickly got into. The legendry Black Can in Britain and the Yellow Cab in USA were expensive. Come in the South Asians with ‘private cabs’ driving in the locality. Soon many indigenous Brits and Americans started getting into these cheap taxis which were really private cabs. Now Uber and others have got into the act and taken over.

Then came professions, such as doctors, dentists, accountants etc. They worked harder and longer hours in junior posts resigned not to get senior posts. The British NHS and American hospital systems became dependent on the junior Indian or Pakistani doctor. Eventually they took over and even the heads of Doctors bodies are Indians now.

Then came politics. First they began to represent the migrant population in small posts such as local councillor (equivalent of Municipal Councillor). Slowly they became Members of Parliament and now even ministers, Prime Ministers, Vice Presidents (USA) and Presidential hopefuls. How have they done it? Just as the corner shopkeeper did it.

They realised that the indigenous White politicians had gagged themselves with a mountain of Politically Correct language and no-go areas. White politicians could not be seen to be racist, cruel, exploiting etc. Any White politician speaking against immigration is termed ‘racist’. Any White politician promoting cuts in social welfare for disabled is termed cruel right wing with morals of Victorian elite.

So step in the South Asians. Indians seem to have done better at the game. They realised that the majority White population is still racist to some extent, has had enough of immigration and many want welfare cuts to save tax.

Indian politicians had no qualm to ‘champion’ these popular but suppressed opinions. An Indian can oppose immigration without being accused of being racist. An Indian can go around slashing welfare cuts and still be thought as coming from a community that suffered economic deprivation, so can’t be Victorian in nature!

Rishi and Suella in Britain and Ramaswamy in USA all realised they can say things and champion the prejudices, the desire to keep more migrants out and to cut welfare to the bone without being called racist or Victorian. They even became Brexiters without having any sense of English history in their ancestry except that read in the classroom. What cultural friction borne of history does a Rishi and a Suella have in their cultural constructions against Europeans?  But they used it to appeal to British nationalism, becoming more English than the English.

The results are phenomenal. Rishi became the Prime Minister. Suella became Home minister. And Ramaswamy is hoping to become America’s next President. However, Ramaswamy has an unashamed white competitor who seems to have no qualms about shouting racist innuendoes, sexist statements or a tirade against the poor.

Unfortunately, the Indians started competing against each other in who can appeal to the most right wing extreme sections of white society. A bit like the corner shops stretching the opening times further and further to compete with each other until they were open almost all hours with a fatigued family roped in.

So far Rishi has knocked off Suella. She is fighting back with ever more extreme statements and getting the red necks of Britain cheering her on. It is a comic.

Yet it may end soon. Like the big supermarkets that decided they can do what the corner shop was doing and do it better, the White politician is also beginning to lose inhibitions. The Indians have opened back the road and the great White will now take over. It will soon be ok to be racist and yet not be accused of being racist.

It’s a bit like the story of the Indian Zaildars. The corner shop Zaildars have changed Britain and USA and continue to do so in politics and other fields of life.

India Achieves Net Zero

At the upcoming COP 28 in Dubai, China is going to boast that it is ahead of its promise to achieve net zero by 2050. India says it will be there by 2060. Some predict that India will reach it next century if the world survives. Yet India has already reached net zero and its ever creative statisticians seemed to have missed it. So I decided to give them a helping hand.

Modiji started a fad for daily yoga among people. It is said that yoga increases life span by 10 years, if done routinely. It appears that millions of Indians regularly perform yoga. Whatever doomsday armchair social pundits say, Indians will add another 10 years to their lifespans.

Now, that will be ahead of net zero and too fast for India. So to balance the extra years of life, Modi Government has allowed pollution on a supersonic scale. In fact it is 500 times more that permitted level. Stubble burning, industrial fumes, cars and you name it, have taken over the air in India.

The amount of pollution is thought to decrease average age by 10 years. Environment alarmists say Indians will die younger than they are expected to.

But here is the maths for statisticians. Yoga adds 10 years and pollution takes away 10 years. End result is net zero. Lick your wounds China!

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Prigozhin A Saint; Modi And Mughal Fort; Chandrayya3

Prigozhin A Saint; Modi And Mughal Fort; Chandrayaan3

Prigozhin The Saint?

The Ukraine war or special operations, depending on which side of the Ukraine LOC one is, has been quite transformative for some people from a western patronage. First the AZOV brigade that was demonised as Nazis by no less than the BBC and The Guardian among others in the west, suddenly became baptised by remote control by the same media into democratic liberal angels when Putin decided to destroy them. It was the fastest metamorphosis of character and needed no psychiatric treatment pathway for rehabilitation. All that happened was that Putin also classified them as Nazis.

A similar baptism seems to have taken place posthumously of Prigozhin the mercenary leader who vanquished in a plane blast. So much coverage has been given to him in the western press that one might be mistaken to think the man was a NATO war hero. In fact more media coverage seems to have been accorded to him than given to the late Queen of England when she passed away.

Reams and reams and multitude of webpages go on about the unforgiving Putin having killed him in revenge. Prigozhin’s plane fell off after what is thought to be a bomb blast and some say missile attacks. Only three months ago media coverage of him was ‘Putin’s dog’ or evil mercenary knowing no ethics or morals. But two months ago this attention seeking man led an unsuccessful armed mutiny against Putin and the Russian government. He became an overnight darling of the ‘Ethics R us’ liberal media in the West.

The ever strategic Putin appears to have played him along, giving him new missions to bomb and spread Wagner evil in the world, while plotting to dismantle Wagner. Prigozhin’s mercenary group got renewed contracts in Africa.

Lately they started to gang up on the Polish border to intimidate Poland. Poland put its forces on alert at the Poland-Belarus border triggering fears of the Ukraine war spilling into an all-out NATO-Russia war, effectively The Third World War. There is no evidence that Putin or Belarus’s Lukashenko were on in this madness. Prigozhin and his massive and well equipped force was obviously out of control and opening a new and dangerous front in the war as a populist move without bothering with the Kremlin. He Prigozhin was his own man and he decided strategy on impulse. His death might have averted a dangerous twist to the Ukraine conflict.

However the tone of much of western media is that he was hard done by Putin, that he was a possible challenge to Putin and could precipitate the end of Putin regime.  He has been promoted as a maverick, a rough person who didn’t fit in the polished elite of the Kremlin and who has been ditched despite the enormous work he did for Russia. There is a sort of adulation of him.

Prigozhin’s speciality was to tape down any man in his outfit suspected of desertion or treason, then crack the skull with a sledgehammer. The sledgehammer was his Wagner group’s logo. His mercenary troops use that and many other brutal methods against ‘enemies’ identified by their paymasters to cause fear. Brutality was their trademark. No human rights there.

Yet none of the headlines sighed that an evil brutal mercenary is dead. There have been obituaries, analysis stating how this ‘assassination’ could lead to end of Putin regime and there has been a queue of western leaders, including Biden, pointing the finger at Putin for this man’s death as if this was the greatest loss to world peace and a travesty of justice. But none saying Putin, if he was indeed behind this death, has done human kind a favour. Extraordinary.

Interesting how western liberals recast the biggest villains into almost saints. All they have to do is be on the wrong side of Putin and evil can be washed away in a second in the western liberal Church. Welcome to the world of liberal soul washing.

Modi And The Invaders’ Qila

Standing atop Lal Qila (Red Fort) proud on Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lamented that India had been under foreign rule for thousand years until 1947 when another Gujarati threw out the last invaders by simply marching up and down in streets and taking a few lathis. A long list of great Hindu rulers were cited by Modi ji as the pedigree to his ascent. Except the man who built the fort where Modiji made his speech, Emperor Shajahan. Or the other Mughals who added to the might and splendour of Lal Qila.

Why do Indian leaders stand triumphantly at the Red Fort while attacking those who built it. Why didn’t Modiji stand on top of his magnificent new parliament building which will be his legacy to an Indian list of wonders of the world architecture but is really a homage to Pythagoras. Or stand on top of gigantic statue of Vallabhbhai Patel from which one can climb on to the clouds. Word has it if a Jack Beanstalk plant is placed on the top of Patel’s head, it is only a short climb to the moon. That could have saved a lot of money on Chandrayaan-3

If the derided invaders did nothing else, at least they built the platform on which every Indian leader stands tall, pretending to be warrior and conqueror. So far the Fort is safe. The Bhakts haven’t yet got around to conjure up a temple underneath although the Architecture Survey of India have found some pottery dating back 2500 years BC. Will that be enough to demolish the Fort and replace it with Modi Qila? Then Mughal history can be wiped out. As it is, Mughals are in the face whether BJP likes it or not.

It won’t be the first time the idea of razing the fort will have happened. The British, before they became semi-cultured, destroyed 80% of the Qila’s magnificent buildings. The British also wanted to demolish Taj Mahal as they thought it was a waste of marble. Luckily the Captain of the forces got distracted with another war.

Did Chandrayaan-3 Fulfil Its Mission?

All I want to know is whether Chandrayaan-3 found if the moon is into ‘pue pakayeen boor ke’. And is Chandamama really eating in a thali while most Indian kids eat in a pyali. No doubt these and other things will be revealed to us by scientists once the pictures are looked at carefully.

For those who were born for and nurtured by social media and missed this, there is an old and beautiful lyric. Many a child grew listening and singing to this.

Chandamama Door ke
Pue Pakaayen boor ke
Aap khaaen Thali mein
Munne ko daen Pyaali mein

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The Bumble Bee Pedant Fizzling Down…

With gold and velvet flowing like the Ganga in mud, the coronation of the King of United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and of course Commonwealth looked like a festival of Bumble Bees with golden and black stripes. It was so carefully and minutely choreographed that one almost felt sorry for the Prince metamorphosed as King. The phrase gilded cage would not find a better caricature.

But then it transpired that the King himself had overlooked every little minutiae of the proceedings, every guest list and every arrangement on how many steps each person would take. The King of England did not want any mistakes lest people laugh at him and turn off.  Not much of a sovereign when One is scared of being taken for the court jester. Not the same as the mighty Henry VIII who would have said ‘offff with his head’ if anyone dared to laugh at his funny clothes or a bit of a misstep.

Nor like the powerful Monarchs of Middle East who can cut hands, legs, heads and even more with swords. Or like the Presidents of come countries such as China and USA, who can wipe the whole world with one finger touch on a red button if they so much want. Still the ceremony, the cast and the wardrobe kept many glued to TV saying ‘aaahhh, oooh’.

British Monarchs are a neutered species. They reflect ‘Britain rules the Thames’ now with all the filth filtered into the once sacred river by the British privatised water companies.  It is increasingly being exposed that the vast wealth and Jewellery in the possession of the Monarchy is dubiously stolen from other countries such as signing agreements and breaking them in characteristic British approach. Ask the EU who are still wondering whether any document signed by HRH Government is worth the paper.

To come back to the coronation, called regalia. It had all the props of a B Hollywood movie set for a Shakespearian film about a British Monarch. It was surrealist. It was difficult to take this as reality because it is so reflective of a bygone world. Was Television showing a film or a real life event?  Perhaps the next Monarch can do a stone age version with Mammoth tusks and Skin coats.

But people thronged to watch and those whose lands had been pillaged, looted and handed to others, fell over themselves to have a glimpse. Some even put on rings and gloves etc on the King, perhaps thanking his family for all the hard work in their ancient lands. It is bizarre.

The comedy got even more competitive with Saturday night shows. The King of England is ‘divine’. Yes believe it or not. After God, comes the King of England. The Pope was usurped in England by good old Henry VIII. Not that His Divineness, HRH has been able to do much for people sleeping rough on the streets of London, or 20% children in Britain going hungry every day, except shoo them out of statistics.

There was some oil brought all the way from Jerusalem to put on his nipples and some other appendages to affirm his ‘divinity’. This is out of those Marvel fantasy films, where the hero is anointed with some holy icon to protect the world from the evil designs of the devil’s warlords. 

Being God’s emissary or assistant, His ‘divineness’ has decided to become ‘defender of all faiths’, whether they like it or not. ‘We are looking for the same’ says HRH Divineness. Charles the nth. Well in that case his first job as defender of faiths should be to wear that Glove given by a Sikh and rush over to France and divinely make the King of France, Macron, permit Sikh children to wear turbans in schools. It will be a befitting use of the glove. At least in Marvel films, heroes with divine powers can do much more.

Not everyone was enamoured by the coronation. Scotland football fans of the Celtics, spent a whole afternoon in the match singing, ‘you can shove your coronation up you ….’ (Lokmarg has some standards).

As with all these pompous ceremonies, His Divineness’ has had to go to Scotland to be enthroned as well to lay claim to all his lands. Only to be met by a number of Scottish with placards, ‘Not my King’. Other Scottish couldn’t be bothered to turn out.

Nevertheless the Bumble Bee circus will go on and is considering making its way to India as first stop in the colonies. Strong man Modiji will only be more than gelatinous to hug His Divineness’ and thank his family for reducing India’s once might GDP at 25% of world’s wealth (during Mughals) and reducing it almost zero on 1947. Modiji does not like Mughals and English stripped the Mughals of their wealth. So great souls.

Alas the rest of us will continue to watch the Bumble Bee show carry on reminding many of us that every shiny stone in that crown has come through the spilt blood of our kin somewhere in history.

However having said all that, it has to be admitted a bit begrudgingly by Republicans like me that the ceremony, the pomp, the fairy tale royalty and organisation was unbeatable. No one else can do it better.

Modi Ji All Weather Man

In this gender neutral world, Modiji will hug anyone who is white and powerful and get away with it without taking sides. Within a week, our Modiji had hugged Joe Biden of the United States and Vladmir Putin of Russia without any embarrassment.

Russia and United States are growling at each other like Rottweilers, fighting in Ukraine. But only Modiji can be relaxed and smiley with both. It is diplomacy and statesmanship or something else.

And neither Biden nor Putin can take a step back from these huggies. They both seem to adore Modi ji. Modiji’s smiles are too irresistible.

Now hugging Xi is another matter. As the mighty Chinese keeps on gnawing at India’s real estate, and is too dour to be seduced by smiles and hugs, Xi is unlikely to come ten steps near Modi lest he is grasped and hugged. Unless of course Modi and Jaishankar finally hand all of India to China and tell Indians that it is the deal of the millennia. In which case Xi will give him the hug of the century with a smile that will beat all.


Not to be outdone by all those Islamic Madrasas in South Asia, the Sangh has come up with its own plan. Why not beat them at their own game and set up Hindu Madrasas in Muslim countries.

So the Sanghis have now established some 350 Vedic  Schools in Bangladesh to instil pride in  being Hindus and tell Hindu children why they should worship cows in a country in which people eat Beef in almost every meal.  The Sanghis are also demanding 50 seats reservation in Bangladesh Parliament.

Apparently the RSS is behind all this. Hope fully similar Hindu Madrasas will be established in Pakistan and Afghanistan soon.

Amritpal’s Escape, A Nelson’s Eye To Migrants Boat & A Bobbing Trump

One Man

India’s public services have never striven to become number one in competence. However the recent alleged escape of Amritpal must deserve India’s security services, the Punjab Police and the Central Reserve Paramilitary Forces a life time Olympics Gold in incompetence. One man with a turban, highly recognisable face and voice, slipped through a dragnet of 50,000 security and police services. Even the invisible man would have had some trouble, with an accidental bump into someone. There is no doubt the resourcefulness of Sikhs is legendary.

Amritpal Singh, who had started with a campaign against drugs started to get on the ‘Khalistan’ track. Suddenly the independent State-directed Indian media promoted him from a social campaigner to fiery preacher and then upscaled him to ‘State enemy Number 1’. All with rocket speed within a space of two months.

The Indian State doesn’t like anyone talking about freedom. Freedom was what Gandhi did and was extinguished at his funeral. Any resurgence is boxed in jails. Since the BJP follows the teachings of the sages, it isn’t clear where it says in Vedas or Shastras that no community can be given freedom. However that is a different matter. The BJP shastra is a unique one.

Amritpal says he will give himself up when he feels ready to do so. It seems he is running the game currently. At least for now Amritpal 1 and India 0.

Nelson’s Nation Fighting Dinghies

In the centre of London stands the proud statue of Lord Nelson, in the famous Trafalgar Square. Nelson had established the Naval Supremacy of Britain in the legendry battle at Cape Trafalgar against the mighty Spanish Armada and French Navy under Napolean.

Nelson’s was outnumbered in ships, outgunned in artillery and cannons and outmanned in number of men under arms. Yet his direct tactics won decisively. This was 1805. The national theme ‘Rule Britania, Britania rules the waves’ has been one of the most known and representative songs of Britain’s once powerful Navy.

Now Nelson’s legacy has met the rubber Dinghy. The entire might of Britain’s Naval Forces seems a bit outwitted by single rubber dinghy carrying unarmed desperate refugees fleeing persecution or food poverty. Using Nelson’s tactic, it aims straight for the coast.

Under Rishi the Marketman, the British Navy has been reduced to fighting these poor destitute people, many of them women and children, and still losing. Led by the Britain’s new ‘Superwoman’ version, Suella Braverman, the British Home Office has decided that the inflatable rubber Dinghy is the biggest threat to the ‘Realm’. How times change. Nelson is safe in Trafalgar Square. Perhaps it is time to build another column next to it with a dinghy on it.

The Bobbing Trump

Trumpustan is a unique country. However much conventional forces attack it, it has the ability to bob back into the centre of American politics. Everything has been thrown at it, yet it survives and thrives in the media, polls and among the hard core Republican voters in USA.

The latest weapons used to squeeze the genie of Trumpustan into a solid sealed cask has been an indictment and moves to arrest him. Trump wants the arrest to feature forced handcuffs. His supporters will go ballistic and tear open any political containment.

Even Trump’s competitors in the Republican Party are forced to support him. They have no choice. If they don’t, they will lose a huge base of Republican voters, which means the competition ends and Trump wins again.

Trumpustan is a political country within America. It wants to Make America Great Again. Although it is not clear where further Trumpustan wants to take it. The USA is the wealthiest, the mightiest and the most powerful country anyway. Perhaps competing against imagined Aliens in another galaxy?

Trumpustan is hard evidence of the cutting edge physicists theory that there are alternative universes and hence alternative realities. It doesnot matter what evidence exists in our simple world, Trumpustan dismisses it as ‘fake’, political and conspiratorial.

Trump is being charged with giving hush money to a so called prostitute named Stormy Daniel, before his last election, to keep her quiet about his brief dalliance. Stormy has stormed into limelight, the media and the political circus of USA by accusing Trump of giving her merely a whopping $125,000. She obviously wants to rake in more.

But in Trumpustan, she is a liar, the State is a liar and even the Judges appointed by Trump might be liars. Trumpustan carries on with god Trump continuing to forge alternative realities in which the American system become dysfunctional and illusionary.

Dizzy Heights And Constitutional Selfie

India with all its tragedies also never stops to entertain. And it’s not even Bollywood. It is just everyday Government, businesses and institutions. Two prominent figures are up in the news, aiming for mythological heights but not quite making it. The third one is a bit quiet at this time. The Adani legend continues as he made to the third richest man in the world only for the balloon to burst and land somewhere on a bed of enquiries, accusations and cross-accusations. ‘It’s an attack on India,’ he said; ‘the last refuge of scoundrels,’ said Winston Churchill. We can’t say that about Adani, who after all has been one of the biggest financial muscles behind the rise of Narendra Modi.

Exactly what happened is a bit beyond me, not being a money man myself. How can some one accumulate so much virtual wealth and create a web of intriguing financial instruments and investments networks that apparently had no feet. Seems quite astonishing to me. And then the person being able to reach dizzy figures of $200 Billion without anyone noticing anything wrong.

Now I don’t know about your experience, but I find that if I put in ₹100 of money without proper receipt and where spent in my tax return, Madame Nirmala Sitharaman’s men quickly write back questioning, ‘Aare iss soh rupae kis ko diye bhai? Kaha hai GST, MST, PST, IST etc etc?’ I just made the STs. So how can a man slide crores and crores of rupees past these Sitharaman vigilantes at the revenue office without knowing? Is it possible they are so occupied with ₹100 that it is easier to scam crores past them, and comfortably know they are too busy to look at that?

It needed a western institution to gaze past the shiny balloon rising and rising on hot air to burst it and ask, ‘Where is the Khazana?’ Well on the other hand they could be jealous that another Gujarati has made to the ranks. What with Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi, Jayantilal Sandesara, Asish Jobanputra… there is certainly a pool of talent in that state.

However, we should not jump to conclusions about the patriotic Adani. After all he was going to save Punjab’s farmers by setting up alternative mandis and buy their land, until they figured out that the saviour’s help might be a one-way road going towards Adani and Co without a return track. All roads lead to Adani.

He might still be hard done by. Let us see how the drama plays out. He might not be able to escape to the capital of world fugitives, the ethical upright British capital of London because he may not have enough money to acquire refugee status.

A Constitutional Selfie

We al like selfies at times, to make us believe how good looking we look against a background of great imagery. So this week, the Chief Justice has done a selfie of the Indian Constitution. ‘The Constitution of India is a remarkable homegrown product of self-governance, dignity and independence and while some speak of it in entirely adulatory terms, many others are cynical about its success,’ said Chief Justice of India D Y Chandrachud.

Well I never! This is a most flattering selfie of the Indian Constitution against a background of a mythical tapestry of genius taken by no less than the person who represents it, the Chief Justice of India.

Since 1947, legal writer after legal writer of Indian Constitution have been saying the Indian Constitution is a ‘remarkable document’ based on the 1935 Government of India Act. The CJI may not have read the law books they wrote, perhaps not the introductions.

The 1935 Act was the last hurrah of the British to rule over Indians for another 100 if not 1,000 years. Its power structure is all tilted in favour of the governing class, who were the British at the time. It gave little credence and power to Indians to hold power to account.

But events intervened and the British had to leave and go back to their little Island. The boisterous and brave Indian ‘independence movement’ that had been inspired by Gandhi against ‘foreign rule and foreign ways’ sat solemnly after 1947 in the Constitution Assembly and began drafting the constitution of Bharat. After the homegrown word Bharat, they seem to have got stuck with what of the Vedas, the Shastras, especially the Dharma shastras they would use as a template to get rid of foreign ways and build a ‘homegrown’ constitution.

Eureka moment. Somehow they convinced themselves that the 1935 Act was home grown! After all it was inspired by some white sahibs governing in India and then final touches made in Britain. As these white sahibs were eating chicken korma, their minds must have become Indian. So technically CJI is right, it is home grown.

They spent two years finding words such as ‘President’ to replace Governor General. They extended the voting franchise from educated and loyal elite of the British to everyone who had at least a thumb or toe.

However, they retained the power that lay in the Governor General to overrule almost any legislation and introduce his own ‘emergency’ rules. The powers of detentions, the power to appoint judges and much more that the British wanted to keep away from pesky Indians, in case they sabotaged their ‘good intentions’ for the native Indians, have all been kept almost word for word. I didn’t know that Dharma shastras gave that much power to the head of State. So I have been racking my brain on what is home grown about the structure of power in Indian Constitution that is home grown and not based on the Christian idea of divine powers of sovereign Kings. The anointed King of India was of course Jawaharlal Nehru. Never in history of Indian civilisation had so much power been given to one person as sovereign as in the new Republic of India.

Then they needed to look at what the Government will do for its citizens. The Dharma shastras put these as binding duties on the King. Kautilya even said, ’If the King doesn’t fulfil them, the masses can rise against him to replace him’. But the Constituent Assembly decided to look at the Irish idea of non-binding Directive Principles and put these as ‘Directive Principles’! The only homegrown bit was copy and paste.

Then came the issue of democracy. In Bharat of the old, democracy was not ‘majoritarian’. It was almost complete consensus of those given the power to engage in decision making. The Constituent Assembly was well aware that India constituted multiple nations, with their own histories, languages and cultures. But it decided on the ‘British’ majoritarian first past the post democracy. In Britain, there is one language and one dominant culture. Bit difficult to find the homegrown in this except the tendency to be more English than the English.

Then came the matter of human rights! Human Rights have no pedigree in India. So off the wise men of the Assembly went to the United States Bill of Rights and transplanted it on the already hybrid document. It is called ‘Fundamental Rights’. But there arose a conflict. The British would not have called them ‘fundamental rights’. Fundamental Rights in US cannot be taken away. The 1935 Act gave power to the ruling power, the British, to take back any rights the average man decided to exercise against the British.

So in the Constitution, the ‘Fundamental Rights’ have a sentence at the beginning in article 13.4, ‘Nothing in this article shall apply to any amendment of this Constitution made under article 368’. What does article 368 say? ‘368.5[Power of Parliament to amend the Constitution and procedure therefor.]6[(1) Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution, Parliament may in exercise of its constituent power amend by way of addition, variation or repeal any provision of this Constitution in accordance with the procedure laid down in this article.

It also adopted the Weimer Republic of Germany’s approach to suspending fundamental rights during an emergency! It adopted the German idea of federal structure but still handed power to the centre to suspend state legislatures. It has done that over 95 times since 1947!

So much for the home grown! The Constitution is a hybrid document from German Weimar Republic, US Bill of Rights, Irish Directive Principles, British majoritarian first past the post democracy with rule of law, and bits taken from French and German constitutions. It promotes a European-style democracy. There isn’t a single article that reflects the 5,000 years of Indian civilisation, the Shastras, the concept and accountability of power in the period of great Indian dynasties or Ram Rajya except the word ‘Bharat’.

The only other home grown bit that Indian Constitution has is that there was perhaps no White man in the Constituent Assembly. They were all home grown. Although there may have been quite a few British advisors at the back. And Mountbatten remained Governor General until June 1948 seeing this process through.

Wake up Kautilya, Guptas, Mauryas, Ashoka, CJI says your footprints are in the Constitution. Don’t be dismayed. CJI says, it is based on Dharma shastras, that you all had to rule by. But first CJI needs to ask himself, why do Indian judges still wear black, to mourn the 1685 death of Charles II? Home Grown?

British Meltdown, Modi’s Promises & Rahul’s Yatra

Britain Ran Markets, Now Markets Run Britain

The once mighty Empire now seems rudderless, confused and in need of real leadership. So desperate is its position that it has promoted a person of Indian extraction to bail it out of its seemingly bottomless hole. Without saying aloud, many of the older generation are uncomfortable with this but with the world money markets pushing Britain towards the well of bankruptcy, it seems it had few choices. Rishi Sunak, Punjabi of course, has become the most unlikely Prime Minister of Great Britain.

What happened? Britain decided that it could still revive its old glory and power and reinvent ‘Rule Britania, Britania rules the waves’ (sound waves now). So it went Brexit. It decided to ditch its European partners. Why be tied to restrictive Europeans! Be free and promiscuous with any country and even polygamous with many at the same time. ‘Plenty of Fish’ etc was the thinking.

Times change. Powers change. But fallen Empires take a long time to come to terms with their shrinking status.

Britain’s posturing and its actions are classic. It happened to Rome. It happened to Mughals and it’s happening to good old Britain. The psycho drama of imperial loss is the same irrespective of how many psychiatrists a country can boast.

Not only did Britain think that it could unhinge from Europe and become Global Great again, it even decided to reincarnate Victorian era economic policies under the ‘we can again’. The Victorian period were halcyon days when indifference to poverty, planet destruction, industrial pollution, cruelty and making the rich richer by any means had led the Empire to its zenith and every English man a master of the world. In came the bombastic goddess, Liz Truss, in a puffed up vintage tank of dreams.

But Prime Minister Liz Truss was tossed out within six weeks. She campaigned on the slogan of ‘growth, low taxes, low spending’. Her 37 days in power have been a spectacle of comedy and parody.

It was crazy and unbelievable 37 days. Liz Truss was running after the money men with bags of money shouting, ‘Here, I am giving all this and more to you, grow grow grow Britain with it’. Her grin was unbearable to the parents of children who barely eat one meal a day in Britain, or to the disabled dreading further squeeze on their support packages.

It was a case of robbing and bonding the future of the poor and being benevolent to the rich, a bizarre proclamation under the nose of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

But the money men were running away from dizzy Lizzy. Fortunately many of the powerful money men have grown out of the Victorian era. While the Oil giants and energy companies were counting imaginary trillions coming their way by squeezing the needy, the powers who control the market, the investments companies, thought otherwise about promised windfall taxes from the poor.

They knew that there is nothing to invest in Britain. It has decimated its once dominating manufacturing industry in favour of financial institutions. Britain’s labour force is far more expensive than that of China, India and South America. In fact it doesn’t even have enough of a labour force, having kicked Europe out and ill with immigrant phobia. What could money invest in, perhaps more Universities and Royal family outings?

The money men also know a country with a few enviable rich and the rest with deepening poverty, child hunger, pauperised wages and housing deficit will implode one day. Hardly a stable future for one’s investment. Not every country is like India with the ‘Ananis’ and ‘Amanis’ joining the world’s richest and walking indifferently over destitute people sleeping in the streets. Social scientists often say the marvel of India is that those with most expensive houses in the world live side by side with those who only have the pavement and sewers for home and yet no one thinks of a revolution! A marvel of contentment surely to promote along with yoga as Dharma Karma. Doesn’t work in most parts of the world though.

In Britain, Dharma Karma worked differently. The market took flight outwards. Grow Grow Grow Britain’s Victorian economic dream went into Blow Blow Blow Britain economy, blowing a hole the size of a continent in Britain’s financial health. ‘The Market’ told Britain, to get its act or look at the bottom of Mount Vesuvius crater.

Quickly the panicked powers that be, pushed the Grow Grow Grow Prime Minister and her Finance Minister out of Airbnb’s most prestigious potential temporary residence, 10 Downing Street, after only 37 days. Democracy be damned when it comes to money. She grew into the Guiness Book as the shortest lasting Prime Minister of UK plc whose tenure wasn’t shortened by death.

Britain once controlled the world’s markets. Now the markets run Britain. The markets told Britain’s Tory MPs to appoint Rishi, a money man with experience in Hedge Funds and handling money. From boisterous wannabe Churchill Boris to nationalist Penny Mordaunt, the Conservative Party bowed to the market. And so emerged the great Rishi Sunak, a thin wiry small man in a country that worships great warriors. This is Karma Dharma as opposed to Dharma Karma. Try work that out.

What next? The stony road of unBrexiting Brexit Britain.

Modi’s Achche Din Rainbow Glows Again

Modiji had promised millions and millions of jobs when he ran for Prime Minister. He promised every Indian family will have at least one member in a job and almost every graduate will have a job to look up to.

Achche Din (anyone remember that) also promised every person will have a house, lakh rupees in the bank, the cleanest streets in the world and world’s fastest train that would go from Mumbai to Delhi in 1 Modi hour.

To some extent this has happened with some political license on the dictionary. Every Indian does have a roof on his/her head. Those on the streets have a cardboard roof, those in the fields have leaves over their head and some lucky ones have tin roofs. Luckier ones have pukka roofs. One promise reached.

Every Indian also has a lakh. They have a lakh dreams in the Brain bank. When one has that, sometimes with help of ‘charas’ one has plentiful. Life is a leela. It depends on how leela is defined.

The streets are also clean. They have been cleaned off any remaining fresh air. Smog and pollution is everywhere and India has been cleaned off breathable air. The moaners can do yoga.

World’s fastest train is in fact faster. Sit on your laptop in Delhi and one can talk to another person in Mumbai within seconds on the zoom train. Whereas in the real iron train Modi 1 hour is different than Greenwich 1 hr. It’s how the hour is defined.

As for jobs, it’s the people’s refusal to take the one job Modiji has made available universal for all Indians. He has given them the slogan to chant, ‘Modi hai to mumkin hai’. This means that if ‘Modi is there, possibility is there.’ Unfortunately pesky uncontrollable democratic Indians don’t quite think alike and many have their own heroes other than Modiji. So very few are doing the job of Modi Simran, ‘Modi hai to mumkin hai’. And he didn’t say it will be a paid job.

Now Modiji is becoming realistic and promising just 10 lakh jobs (or 1 million) at Diwali. This 1 million is a promise to a population of 1.4 Billion, or 1,400 million.

Modiji hasn’t said whether this time he means the promise to be taken literally or is it still subject to political license.

Congress Divides, Congress Unites

The Congress party of India, called Grand Old Party (GOP) as Indian journalists like to copy western idioms (mimicking American word for Republican Party), has now embarked on gluing together the priceless vase it had wilfully broken into a thousand pieces during its rule.

For most of its reign, the Congress Party of India had engaged in divisive policies to ensure vote banks while bellowing the slogan, ‘unity in diversity’. It had pitched Muslim vote against Hindu vote, Hindu vote against Sikh vote, lower caste vote against upper caste vote and caste against caste, region against region, religion against religion.

This divisive tactic ensured Congress rule for over 40 years with communal violence, casteism, sectarianism, nationalism becoming a norm. The delicate fabric of thousands of years of a civilisation which was pluralist with enviable foundations of coexistence of polar differences, was shred apart by Nehru dynasty.

Now every broken piece has its own leader, its own party, its own agenda and its own political identity.

Having broken this priceless vase into a thousand pieces, the crown prince, Rahul has decided he will glue the pieces together. He started his Bharat Jodo Yatra. What cruel farce upon a civilisation that could have taught the world so much but was torn apart by this family. Somebody needs to show the family mirror to him.

A broken vase never recovers when glued together. The cracks are too visible. The legacy of Nehru family is a divided, sectarian violent India where coexistence is daily forced by draconian laws, police and armed forces. The politically blinkered still follow him.

British Monarchy

The Queen Is Dead Long Live The King; And Tharoor’s Grumbling

There are many props that keep the British Monarchy going, alive, and kicking. The Queen of Great Britain and Colonies and Commonwealth (including India) and Anglo-Saxon countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand passed away after first meeting Boris Johnson, then Lizz Truss, one after the other. Maybe it was just a coincidence. One was thrashing every custom in England, and the new one has started thrashing Britain without Russia having to invade.

Nevertheless, the Ex Queen’s son, Charles has taken over as King and become King Charles III. He will probably dream of steering the ship back on course. Although British Monarchs are sovereigns only in name. They sign documents and cut ribbons, wear tiaras, put on fancy clothes, and go around waving in costume dramas for the masses. Power actually exists in Downing Street and in theory, in Parliament.

During her reign, Queen Elizabeth II successfully managed to gracefully lose or give away (depending on interpretation of history) almost the entire Empire inherited by her. This greatly reduced her workload of ‘babysitting’ little Maharajahs and Chiefs around the world. After that she only had to do a few ceremonies in her palace handing out knighthoods to people who did some good work and some to those who handed some money to her politicians for things like wallpapers or campaign funds. Rise Sir Money a Lot or Rise Sir Loyal Civil Servant or Sir ‘Mars seen through looking glass scientists’. All good people for the realm.

Some bits of the Empire that once spawned half the world and where the Sun never set, are still left in the net. These colonies feel a bit suffocated and want to leave as they feel all those ceremonial days dressing up, going to the airport getting the British Monarch and staging  a ‘rumba rumba’ dance is getting tedious. There are more important things to do in life such as responding to Twitter, Tiktok and such things. So they want to cut the knot.

Even the Anglo Saxons in Anglo Saxon countries like Australia and Canada are feeling they have psychologically grown up and don’t need a ceremonial Daddy to look after them. So there are rumblings of becoming republics. Moreover they are becoming a minority in the occupied lands anyway.

Which means King Charles III will have quite a bit of signing to do and hand out royal charters certifying ‘This country has now grown up and can freely determine its own course in life’. That will leave Scotland, Wales, Gibraltar, Falklands and the little treasure Islands where all the world’s invisible money is stashed away, still part of the Empire or King’s apparent rule.

Will he pack up the Monarchy after that? Will the English get bored with monarchy? These are questions perpetually cropping up in late night talk-shows. For the rest of the world, British Monarchy is becoming a theatrical oddity or an irrelevancy, a ruler without power. Even many British people are less interested in the pomp etc as their own lives get difficult with the crashing economy and rising energy prices and a Monarchy that won’t raise a finger to help them. Its not like old days when Monarchs looked after the subjects.

On the horizon however are other prospective monarchies. Will Xi eventually crown himself as the Emperor (Huang di) of the Xi Dynasty in China? What about Modiji, Rao Sahib of Maha Kutch?

Congress And The Coconut Tree

Talking of dynasties, it seems the Nehru dynasty is finally on its way out. The minions or in polite circles called Congress Netas, have finally rebelled and are calling for a Gandhi-Mukt Congress. Although they had no part in the dynasty’s fall. One of the meek who has found courage is Shashi Tharoor. He has made an industry in blaming the British, for everything that India has not been able to do right.

Luckily Tharoor hasn’t come across any Sikhs or other critical thinkers in his verbose delirious lectures given at Oxbridge or to Indian Press. His big claim is that India had 25% world GDP before British entered and was a beggar country when they left. A sharp wit in the audience would have asked, ‘If you were that clever to have amassed 25% world GDP, why were you so stupid not to have protected it?’ Doh. But there is a select audience.

Shashi hasn’t quite grasped that without the British there would be no ‘my India’ as he calls it. The party he wants to become president of would not be in existence without the British. After all they set it up, made its constitution and brought in the first Brown Sahibs. They encouraged them to attack them (the British) in lectures etc and campaigns. They taught them to ask for freedom and groomed them to take over a structure constructed by them (British) to be able to trade with them and bring some trained personnel to run the British economy, hospitals, buses etc.

Shashi went on to become Under Secretary at UN. His expertise in human rights was really a championing of British, French and American value systems. The only authentic Indianness he and other Congress Netas bring in is kurta-pyjama outfit.

After the BJP overturned and crushed the European secularism fetish in Indian politics, Congress leaders like Rahul did Mandir yatras to be seen as Hindu and Shashi wrote a book ‘Why he is proud to be a Hindu’. Even after reading the book, one does not get a contextual understanding what he means by a Hindu. Without the British he wouldn’t be a Hindu as it were they who finally consolidated the identity in legal terminology without bothering to define it.

Shashi is still fighting the independence campaign as his party was programmed to do by Allen Octavian Hume, the retired British civil servant who set up the Congress Party in 1885 along with some other British colleagues from the establishment and after seeking the approval of the Viceroy! Indians were being taught democracy, parliamentary system and to behave like gentlemen Brown Sahibs and under the Viceroy’s watchful eye, educated on how to ask for ‘freedom’.

Shashi has put his head forward with a grovelling statement that Gandhis are in the DNA of Congress. Of course they are. Old man Nehru was the foremost of Indian coconuts who even wrote a book about his adopted country, ‘Discovery of India’. Invaders, explorers and tourists ‘discover’ a country. Does a native person discover his own country? The title of the book said it all about the Nehru dynasty and Congress, a party and entity alien in its own land.

Always feasting on crumbs and then grumbling like a moaning teenager, Shashi has inherited an India stitched together by the British, a party set up by the British, a religion legalised by the British, a democracy inherited from the British, an intellectual framework learnt from the British and now he wants to take over the Presidency of Congress, made available by courtesy of Modi’s BJP.

It was Modi who squeezed the Gandhis out of Congress like the gel from a toothpaste tube. Shashi wants to climb in and refill it with the same sticky paste. But as everyone knows, one cannot really refill a toothpaste tube. Modi has emptied it of any meaningful use in an India looking for originality and move on from colonialism.

It would be better if the British Foreign Office does the decent thing and bring the rump of the coconut tree (Congress Party) and its final coterie of Brown Sahibs in a single British Airways flight home to London and let then wander in Hyde Park corner moaning and groaning about the Raj. Congress Mukt Bharat, put Congress in the British Library or Museum.

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Competition to Get Delhi Drunk and Apna Rishi

AAP, BJP Compete To Get Delhi, Dilli Drunk: AAP and BJP are in a bit of a competition to get Delhi tipsy and help it drown its sorrows. AAP has decided that all liquor shops in Delhi will be owned by its Government or state. That way excise and Govt coffers can go up to an estimated ₹9,500 crores. Quite a sum.

According to AAP, the BJP government was harassing private liquor shop owners with Directorate of Enforcement and the CBI! Their pincer attacks on liquor shops drove nearly half of Delhi alcohol selling outfits to close due to what they called harassment.

That might have sounded good for campaigners of an Alcohol-Mukt Bharat or wives praying for alcohol-free Indian men. But according to AAP, the Central Government was trying to introduce the Gujrat model. Modiji has been championing the Gujrat model of development everywhere since he announced his candidacy to become PM. He was after all Chief Minister of Gujarat once.

But Modiji has never showcased Gujarat model of liquor sale policy. AAP says the Gujarat model is to drive alcohol sale into the black market. With ED raids on licensed shops, apparently it was already happening in Delhi. As Delhi Police is under the Central Government, allegedly there was quite a bit of money to be made by arresting and de-arresting backstreet sellers. That is allegedly the Gujarat liquor economic model. Gujarat has many types of unique economic models to handle different aspects of the economy. For instance the Gujrat model of intercommunal harmony is to thump a minority on the head and make it say ‘jee huzoor’. Apparently it works.

Kejriwal wasn’t going to miss out on all the alcohol revenue regardless of the prayers of the haplesse Indian wife. So while the BJP Gujrat model wants Delhi to get drunk on the black-market and ‘unofficially’ or illegally as AAP says, AAP wants Delhi to be drunk and be merry officially. AAP minister, Manish Sisodia, is going to open almost all the liquor shops under Delhi Government. And people can buy the hard stuff at the pleasure of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and co with profits and excise going to make the pavements safe in case fully drunk individuals fall and hit their heads. It’s a circular economy. Every family can be happy. Papa hasn’t split his head after the fall after drinking too much.

So Delhi Govt is now going to be the owner of the biggest chain store in India, some 900 or more liquor stores. People can get merry, and after a few scotch whiskeys etc, say things like: Dilli, Dlehi or ‘Oee ki kende nae, daily, dilli, billy’ and pay Kejriwal Govt to get to that point of mental incoherence.

Apna Rishi

Apna Rishi had a dream. Born and schooled in Britain, he wanted to make Britain great again. So he became a politician after earning quite a lot of money as banker and then marrying into a mega rich house. He became Chief Munshi in Boris Johnson Government, tidying up the books and looking after the ‘toshakhana’.

His boss, Boris the Boar (has the physical features of one and snorts) has a moto: ‘Never knowingly tell the truth’. He has been brought down in an office coup (Palace belongs to the Queen in UK) because he didn’t tell the truth too many times even for the Brits to stomach.

It is alleged that Apna Rishi, in a hurry to become ‘Wazir e Alam’ of Britain, led the ‘Ides of March’ stabbing. Apna Rishi then quickly laid claim to the throne. Eight others also did. Seven of them have been weeded out by his fellow MPs. There are now two in the ring, Apna Rishi and a local girl, Liz Truss. Now Apna Rishi needs backing of his party members. That is where he is against tough competition. Three things stand against him. Being filthy rich in a country that hides its wealth (mostly looted from colonies). Telling the truth in a country that prides in hypocrisy. And being Brown and ‘foreign’ in a country that ditched EU membership because of English nationalism and dreaming of restoring Rule Britannia.

Apna Rishi wears ₹40,000 rupee (£400) shoes and ₹350,000 (£3500) suits when trying to convince voters that he understands poverty and the needs of financially struggling people. Many Tory voters from poor constituencies look at their ₹2,000 (£20) shoes and his ₹40,000 shoes and shake their heads. So that’s one big vote bank ‘shooed’ away.

Apna Rishi says that after the ‘never knowingly tell the truth’ period of his Boss, he (Apna Rishi) is going to be straight forward and tell the truth. (If anyone knows a Banker who is straightforward, please post it in Instagram).

The English pride in being hypocrites, so much that they even deny being hypocrites. Boris the current leader was too far into hypocrisy even for the English as he was doing it openly, so they decided to get rid of him. A true hypocrite is not meant to be found out. By compa, Boris was an honest hypocrite.

Apna Rishi took the English at face value and laid his stall by saying the country is broke with rising inflation, rising interest rates, rising poverty and rising energy costs, so he is going to raise TAXES to bring it all within affordable means. He is a Banker at heart and thinks of add and minus accounts.

RAISE TAXES. Has any politician in the world got elected by saying he/she will raise taxes? They all say they are going to get rid of taxes altogether if possible only to raise them when they get elected. Apna Rishi being Punjabi, has been saying what comes into the mind. So that’s a bigger vote bank cashed off free to his opponent, Liz Truss. Liz says she will lower taxes, even though all leading economic institutions say that is economic suicide.

Thirdly, Apna Rishi has taken the ‘non racist’ racism of the English to heart. He really believes in the rhetoric. The Brits are great at drama. This is land of Shakespeare. They put in a few non white faces in the ring to pretend they are not racists. Then they scalp the person alive in the press and throw the carcass in the bin.

Apna Rishi was asked if racism is a factor against him. Poor rich Apna rishi, taught in best public schools and Universities, said No! What else could he say!

He has been given a script for his campaign that can then be torn apart when needed. The press has suddenly been tearing apart his record as Chancellor, although he was the first finance Minister in the world to think of furlough payments to save people being thrown into dire bankruptcies during the pandemic. Now his expensive suits and shoes have become part of public ridicule in the press. Suddenly the right wing press is wheeling out failed economists to condemn his Tax Raising proposals.

The average Tory member who still dreams of Rule Britannia rebranded as Global Great Britain GGB), has been given enough reasons to vote against Apna Rishi and still not admit that it’s because he (Apna) is not White.

His competitor on the other hand is being hailed as having a great record as a foreign minister who stood up to Russia and a competent coherent politician.

This despite the fact that Russia’s Foreign Minister made mockery of her trip to Russia by saying ‘she hears but not listens’ and exposed her lack of knowledge of her subject. In diplomatic circles, she has become a joke.  She often speaks as if she is trying to put a sentence together and lacks coherence of thought in her answers. The Press says that shows she is thinking!

Apna Rishi is still trying. Being Punjabi, he is also getting angry possibly having realised he is a muppet in a game and being ‘coloured off’. Still its difficult to be sorry for him. He was naïve to think he can get into Downing Street. And he has a lot of spare cash while he has thrown the ordinary person in the abyss of rising inflation, interest rate hikes, falling standards and sky high energy costs. But Apna Rishi is Apna and Punjabi and great of him to try.  Where would a Apna Punjabi be without thinking of world dominance but unable to dominate even the mahala.

Weekly Update: Modi Upsets Sikhs Again; Rahul Wants Constitutional Rights

Prime Minister Narendra Modi simply can’t win with the Diaspora Sikhs, especially those whose lives rotate on Indian Prime Ministers being perpetual enemies. Despite hundreds of social media, WhattsApp groups, websites run by many Sikh individuals and organisations, one news seems to have been missing in all of them. That is the latest news on the MSP, the subsidy for wheat and rice, hot off the press but not in their press.

The threat of withdrawing MSP or Minimum Support Price, was one of the main reasons that the global Sikh community went into an overdrive, literally overdriving trucks, tractors and in more urban places, cars, to express their anger at the notorious Modi Farm Laws. They were declaring their support for the hundreds of thousands of Punjabi farmers who were protesting, braving rain, sun, cold, and sun in Delhi.

Now Modiji has gone and done something that has put many of them in a state of utter disbelief. So dreadful is this situation, that the ‘diaspora Sikh activists’ are lost both for words and actions! They don’t want to believe Modi ji can be so irresponsible! Normally they can dig news from the deepest inner sanctum of Indian establishment. This time they have adopted the approach, see no good, hear no good, speak no good, of the enemy! What has Modi done?

Modiji has supported MSP! SUPPORTED MSP! And what’s more Modiji has taken a warrior like stand at the World Trade Organisation, WTO, in support of protecting the farmers of India, including Punjab. He is not supposed to do that! Modi is meant to be the permanent ‘enemy’ of these protesting Sikh groups. Modi has taken their side. WHAT WILL THEY PROTEST ABOUT NOW?

But it gets more tricky. Facts are challenging sensitivities and loyalties!

At the 12th Ministerial Conference of the WTO, the USA leading G-7 group (which includes the favourite new homeland of Sikhs, Canada) have criticised India for refusing to bring its MSP in line with WTO rules. They accuse India of ‘distorting the market’ by giving MSP of 50% above production costs. This breached WTO rules that restrict it to only 10% above production costs. USA et all went as far as saying that India’s policy is making the grain crises from Ukraine worse.

Now the West has been quite hysterical and emotional about the Ukraine and has sunk ‘logic’ to an abyss of irrationality. It has been shrieking that Moscow wants to occupy all of Europe and even London and Buckingham Palace (King Putin) and must be stopped. Most of the non-western world has been wondering if the West has gone bonkers and wants to stay out of the conflict, much to the insomniac frustration of the G-7 + rest of west.

But to accuse India’s MSP for the world grain crises is taking even irrational statements to a new standard of creationist paranoia.

PM Modi’s Government wants WTO rules to change and permit ‘developing’ countries to give more than 10% MSP above production cost and not be charged at WTO of breaking rules. The US, Canada, Australia and a few others want India to reduce MSP so they can sell their own grain in Indian market and rest of world without competition from India.

The diasporic Sikhs are quiet, perhaps in shock or turning a blind eye to these pesky facts. No word of praise for Modi has been uttered even in whispers. But their biggest dilemma now is, will they drive their trucks, tractors and cars to the White House, or Trudeau’s front door and demand ‘take your grubby hands off our MSP’. It’s a double whammy. First Modi comes to their side, and then their ‘new homelands’ are in fact destroying their relatives in Punjab.

But God is kind, June has come to the rescue. It’s the month when annual rallies by followers of Gandhian Ahimsa, are held to vent anger about the 1984 attack on Sri Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) by India. Around the world, 360⁰. As Modi is the current Prime Minister of India, he is the target of ‘Modi, Hai Hai, Khalistan Zindabad’. His role in the narrative is to be the bad guy. He has broken that contract! God save the Sikhs, never short of a Schtick.

Citizen Rahul Seeks Equality

Rahul Bhai Gandhi wants to be a citizen and wants his rights under the Constitution! A Constitution that his family in history has treated as ‘house rules’, changed and interpreted as their majesty’s wished. Millions have suffered from the Gandhi family interpretations. Now the Constitution has turned on him. It hurts.

Like courtiers at the Palace, Congress leaders have been protesting at Jantar Mantar for the Prince. They are protesting that the ‘family’ is being victimised and that Enforcement Directorate (ED) has no power to question the Shahebzada of India, Rahul Bhai Gandhi. Even Kapil Sibal has got into the act.

This is the Constitution that Great Grand Daddy made after plagiarising the 1935 British India Act. It is committed to secularism. When minority religions asked for their culture to be given statutory protection, Great Grand Daddy Nehru, said ‘Nahi ho sakta’ we are now secular. But when Hindus asked for cow protection, Nehru seeing votes sliding, quickly enacted ‘cow protection law’, treating cow as a minority. Although they say there are more cows in India than people. When asked, he said it is ‘Indian secularism’, really meaning Nehru secularism dependent on vote banks. Minorities then reverted to non-voting methods to get their version of Indian secularism in law.

Then Grandmother Gandhi decided Indian Constitution only requires one vote to win. So she disenfranchised all Indians of a vote and by her single vote, she brought in the Emergency in 1975. She called it Indian-type democracy. Or Gandhi interpretation of the Constitution. The Sikhs and the international community chased her out after two years, 80,000 in jails, many tortured and the hapless Dr Subramaniam Swamy having to run from the country, seeking refuge in a Harvard teaching post. Modi ji escaped by tying on a turban and pretended to be a Sikh sewadar at Gurdwara Bangla Sahib in Delhi.

Then family interpretation of the Constitution led to attack on Sri Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) to ‘arrest’ Bhindrawallah and 24 others. Twelve were already dead and others were not present there. There was no charge sheet against Bhindrawallah. No court case. But who cared about such literal interpretation of constitution! It was the Gandhi family interpretation. She decided he was a terrorist and one morning decided she needs to send in the Army to arrest him. Didn’t end well for her.

Then Daddy Gandhi, suspended State and the Constitution’s primary duty of protection of life and liberty through the 59th amendment in 1989. Rajiv Gandhi, treating the Constitution as house rules, decided that as Sovereign family, he can behead people at will (or under his will) and not be bound by silly European ideas of the State’s purpose to protect life and liberty. The trigger-happy Punjab Police was over the moon and went on a shooting spree, termed ‘encounters’ and ‘eliminated’ over 20,000 young men. UN and many Governments reminded Rajiv that life and liberty is the basic purpose of the Constitution.

Then he brought in a number of laws for detention without charges, without trials and you name it. The Constitution was what the Gandhis wanted it to be, albeit with the help of a flock sheep in Parliament shepherded to agree with King Gandhi. Under TADA, 78,000 Gujratis ended in detention without charges in Gujrat where there was no known terrorism. About 75,000 Punjabi Sikhs were detained in Punjab. Only a 160 or so were finally convicted of any ‘terrorist’ threat and that also without much evidence.

Then puppeteer Mummy Gandhi put gold star servant Manmohan Singh to do her bidding. Sikh political prisoners languished in prisons although no constitutional provision permits life sentence for political prisoners. However, the Constitution is what the Gandhis wanted it. Police excesses continued. Bribes apparently broke world records.

The list is endless. Detention without charges or even proper procedures. In Bhuller case, there was no evidence and no witnesses

Now Rahul Bhai wants Constitutional rights! Dr Swamy, the nemesis of Gandhis, has never forgotten his exile from the one woman democratic decision of ‘Emergency’. He wants to exile the Gandhi family to an Island that might sink under climate change.

He brought a charge in court of money laundering against prince and mummy Gandhi who are major shareholders in a company called Young India, even though they are geriatrics. Apparently Congress handed them ₹2,000 crore of property which should really be owned by the country as the original company, Associated Journals, was started by 5,000 freedom fighters and Great Grand Daddy to run a newspaper National herald. It has passed on to the ‘Family’.

The Enforcement Directorate is simply doing its jobs as would be required by court, since charges are at court. Unlike during the Gandhi years, Rahul is free to go home and come back and not in some dingy detention centre being kicked around by a drunken Punjab cop saying ‘oyee’.

The comical group of once very terrifying and powerful entity known as the Congress high command have been reduced by Modi to gather at Jantar Manter shouting and asking for rights that they used to trample on when in power. How things come around! He is only receiving what the family established. Still, if jailed, authorities might oblige and station female jailers wearing shorts, one of Rahul’s visions for modern India.