Bhim Rawat

Bhim Rawat: The man leads plastic-free life for the last 15 years

He is just an ordinary resident of North Delhi’s bustling colony in Narela. But, he leads a life that is extraordinary. Bhim Rawat, 32- years- old has been leading a totally plastic-free life for the last 15 years. Living in a small house,  he has not used even a single item made of plastic. His life has become an inspiration for many people who realised the toxic effect of plastic.

Rawat has been using purely organic things such as using neem twigs as his tooth brush. Over the years, he has transformed his life in a way that everything in his house is eco-friendly. The cutlery, curtains, chair or even a paint brush-everything is made of eco-friendly substance. He devised alternative options for everything plastic to become eco-friendly.

The Idea

He was a teacher and got inspired to go completely organic while teaching his students about it. “Now it’s nearly 15 years that I have completely stopped using plastic. This has made my life comfortable, controlled the expenses and I am happy to maintain this life,” Rawat said. This was not an easy task to implement; he had to transform entire routine of his life.

He works with an NGO in Delhi. Learning about the nature and climate he found plastic as the biggest reason for destruction. Bhim Rawat said initially it was tough to choose alternative of each and every plastic item, but now it’s no longer a challenge. “When I first started working for the environment, I researched a lot and found that we are the ones destroying our home and killing wildlife.

I realised that our lives can go on perfectly without plastic. So why not do so?” He has a water harvesting pit at home. But convincing his family about his new lifestyle and new choices was not easy, he says. Every time a member brought home plastic products, Rawat used to throw a tantrum and would refuse to eat. Finally, his family gave in and joined him.

Rawat works with an NGO in Shalimar Bagh, he believes eco-friendly life is pocket-friendly as well. Looking around into his house one can see from powdered rock salt, stainless steel buckets and mugs to cloth bags, bamboo cups and rugs made from old gunny bags; he has an eco-friendly alternative for all the plastic things.


“I have seen people fighting over parking space, dusty air and garbage at their door steps. Almost everyone is aware about dreadful effects of plastic still they don’t care to reduce its use. Even a large portion of educated strata of our society is not ready to change their lifestyle,” said Rawat. Adapting a new habit in your life teaches you several lessons.

How he learned about eco-friendly products he said, “I have not changed my lifestyle overnight, it was a gradual process that led me to this where I am today. I have researched a lot, met several people and learned disadvantages of plastic and benefits of other products.”

Message for readers

There are some alternatives that one must try at home. Use old cloths to convert them into bags for daily use. In Delhi one can get a stitched denim bag. A roadside tailor can do this job for you; you just need to approach him with old denim. “Plastic bags mostly come from unplanned shopping its better if you keep one cloth bag in your kit or bag.”

Dr Bhakti Yadav

Dr Bhakti Yadav: Indore's first female doctor continues to give free treatment to her patients at 91


This year President Pranab Mukharjee conferred Padam Shri to Indore’s first woman MBBS Dr Bhakti Yadav. This award was not for conferred to her for being the first lady doctor, but also because of her endless efforts to make a better society. She is 91-years-old and has been giving free gynaecological treatment, for the last 68 years.

She wants to serve people till the last breath of her life. She has delivered thousands of babies without taking any fee since 1948. Her journey has never been smooth, and she traveled from Madhya Pradesh to  Gujarat, Rajasthan and many more places only to deliver the babies, but has never asked for money from the patient who worship her like god.

Dr Bhakti Yadav Bio-

Her Life

She was born on 3 April 1926 in a small town of Ujjain called Mahidpur. She completed her primary education from Garoth town school while she completed her high school from Indore’s Ahilya Ashram School. She stayed with her uncle and worked hard to get admission in a medical college and finally she entered the MGM Medical College of Indore in 1948.

It was only after taking admission that she got to know that she was the only girl in Indore who was pursuing this course. She successfully completed her degree course and started treating people. In a press briefing she said: “My early career life and my present are almost same. Earlier, I used to treat people for free just for experience but later I have realized that it is life that I have to live this only.”

About 70 years have been passed since her graduation and thousands of mothers successfully delivered babies in her hands. In between Dr Yadav got several offers from prominent hospitals to work with them, but she refused those jobs and joined Nandlal Bhandari Maternity Home to help the wives of poor cloth mill workers.

She headed the maternity home for several decades, before eventually started her own nursing home, Vatsalya, in Pardeshipura area. As a gynaecologist, she has delivered thousands of babies, without charging any fee from the patients. At the age of 91, Dr Bhakti Yadav has become physically weak, but continuous to treat the poor. “I don’t know how many breaths are with me but my only wish is to serving people until my last breath.”

Her methodology’ 

Hundreds of unique technologies have been developed since her graduation but she still believes in traditional medical practices. Her son Dr Chetan Yadav informs:: “She doesn’t use sonography machine and still uses traditional methodology.  She only uses home remedies and contemporary medicines.” Dr Chetan Yadav said that she bonds with her patients, so that the treatment becomes easier. Today Dr Bhakti Yadav is bed ridden. She fell down and suffered several fractures. Her son informed that, “She said that she is happy because everyone is happy with announcement of award (Padam Sri). Her only concern for is that nobody should suffer due to lack of medicine and treatment.”